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James Andrew - M. de Phocas evening set.

James Andrew – M. de Phocas evening set.

When dressing for a gala (like the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House Spring Gala we’ll be featuring in our next post), I prefer to stand out in the inevitable sea of black tuxedos. My thinking is, women get to have so much fun with dresses, gowns, and jewelry, why shouldn’t gentleman have a bit more fun creating fabulous formal ensembles?!

The fact is, I don’t even own a traditional tuxedo! Instead I opt for wonderful dinner jackets and/or select tuxedo shirts in gorgeous colors, perhaps a pale pink, mauve, or mint green one.

Beyond that — but no-less important — is the selection of an evening set: the detail that really gives men the opportunity to express their elegant individuality. My go-to resource has become M. de Phocas.

They are superb.

M. de Phocas evening set

M. de Phocas evening set

I consider them to be the modern day Vedura or Seaman Schepps. MdP gives an impossibly fresh and chic take on men’s and women’s accessories. With their exquisite eye, they are doing the most wonderfully whimsical things with their designs and materials. I highly suggest perusing their website or even better, go and meet with them to create something truly custom – I don’t think it gets any better than that.

M. de Phocas evening set

M. de Phocas evening set

For the aforementioned gala, I wore an M. de Phocas Art Deco Diamond evening set with a Tom Ford magenta silk ottoman cloth dinner jacket, white cotton voile tuxedo shirt and a black silk faille bow tie – my fragrance? Creed Original Cologne.

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  1. Wendy woo says:

    Dashing as always!
    Cufflinks are a must for any gentleman.

  2. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Wendy Woo,

    Thank You and Indeed one of the few ways a gentleman can indulge himself with some jewels.

    You will adore the boys at M. de Phocas!



  3. La Contessa says:

    YOU are DIVINE!I use to give myself birthday SOIREE’s in the garden…….but after the last one where people showed up in shorts and jeans I decided NEVER again!It was for dinner……..sit down that my husband and I cook ourselves…….My SONS served.I dressed in a long flowing gown……………..with jewels.You would have LOVED the BOYS carrying out CANDLELABRA’s as the dusk turned to darkness…………Had you been here I would have given YOU a prize!THAT JACKET is BEYOND words.

  4. James Andrew says:

    My Dear La Contessa,

    Thank You!

    I would love to see photos of this Soiree!!!

    So sad the people don’t have the sense to dress up and not willing to make the effort.

    We must plan a some kind of superp soiree when we finally meet – something rather over the top – can you imagine the photos!

    Much Love


  5. La Contessa says:

    I CAN!!!!!
    Ps.Send me your e-mail and I will dig up some photos!

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