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Vanity Fair, The International Best-Dressed Challenge

The International Best-Dressed Challenge

The International Best-Dressed Challenge

We here at WIJW need your support to win Vanity Fair’s Best-Dressed online challenge!!!

  1. Click here: The International Best-Dressed Challenge | Vanity Fair
  2. Look for a photo of me
  3. Click on the HEART ♥ to like it!

I’ll be uploading a photo every day from now until June, and so we’d be deliriously happy if you’d check in at Vanity Fair every day to cast your vote. Furthermore, I think you’ll be as intrigued as we are by all of the unique and unusual ways people are putting themselves together out there!

Each week a group of Vanity Fair editors will pick their favorite looks from the latest batch of submissions, and you’ll see these selections in a weekly curated slide show on vanityfair.com. Additionally, a monthly award will go to the entrant who has received the most “likes” from viewers!


Thanks for you support,




  1. Robert O'Byrne says:

    Don’t worry James, I will be clicking daily for you!
    When we next meet, I shall tell you about my two years on the Best Dressed List selection committee, in the old days when Eleanor Lambert was in charge….

  2. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Robert,

    I can’t wait to hear about you time with the Best Dressed List.

    Not sure how this will all go- editors at Vanity Fair ultimately decide who will win.

    But would be a fabulous accolade should I be so honored to win.



  3. Danny says:

    Hi James,

    Rest assured, We click the Heart already!!!

    In the meantime, kudos to Robert O’Byrne for his perfect documentation of the magical Guinness house and its owners and guests in his book, Luggala Days. Charming!

    Best, Danny

  4. James Andrew says:

    Darling Danny,

    Thank You!

    I need All the support I can get- if only I were friends with Amy Fine Collins – I might have a better chance.

    Tomorrow’s post will be celebrating Robert’s brilliant book – Luggala Days

    Stay tuned!



  5. Marc de Paris says:

    You shouldn’t worry, because nobody is better dressed than you. You will win this challenge, unless it is fixed. I shall click nevertheless. Best wishes, looking forward to your coming in june!

  6. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Marc,

    I would certainly be quite pleased and honored to win!

    Thank You for your help and support!



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