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The Versatile Cabinet

Making the rounds of my favorite galleries, I stopped by the always delightful Pascal Boyer Gallery to peruse its extensive selection of French furniture by noted designers. Today I came across a fantastic Jacques Adnet cabinet with parchment covered doors. Adnet’s classic pieces are recognized for their fine and unusual materials such as exotic woods and Hermes leathers. His work can always find a way into the interiors I create, and I am thinking this piece would make the perfect focal point for a really exceptional interior. Aside from its obvious beauty this versatile cabinet is nicely functional and would be the perfect media storage cabinet.

I am wearing a black wool flannel jacket by Gucci, Tom Ford shirt in black and white cotton stripes, Seaman Schepps black pearl cufflinks, Turnbull and Asser grey and black silk polka dot pocket square, Gucci window pane plaid wool pants, Hermes “blue jeans” blue leather belt, Lanvin teal/turquoise suede sneakers.


  1. That’s a really nice cabinet! I like the look of the parchment, but as far as usability, if it were mine, I would prefer that the cubes be open-faced. I am imagining each one stuffed with yarn and spinning fibers, in a riot of colors.

    One entire wall of my “office” is taken up with the Ikea version, in black, and while it looks nice if you don’t look too close, I do sometimes wish it was Real Wood instead of laminate. [sigh]

    If I ever win Powerball, I will have to hire you to whip me into shape. Maybe you could teach me How To Elimunate Uselss Clutter, a battle I have fought, literally, and with no success, ALL MY LIFE! đŸ˜‰

  2. jfkjean says:

    The way pocket squares should be done. I don’t know why more guys don’t do it but their loss

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