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The Frieze and Pulse NY Art Fairs

James with Jeff Koons' Pink Puppy at the Frieze Art Fair

James with Paul McCarthy’s Balloon Dog (2013). Photograph: John Berens/Frieze

I’m always on the prowl for the perfect art for my clients, and attending world-class art fairs like the Frieze and Pulse provide me with the perfect opportunity to acquaint myself with new galleries and artists from around the globe.

The Frieze Art Fair is held at Randall’s Island—a ferry service from the East River makes attending a bit of an adventure as well! This year, one of Jeff Koons’ enormous red balloon dogs greeted us upon arrival, and with it, a marvelous assortment of dining options as well—from St Ambrose to the Fat Raddish.

There was quite a lot to see with 180 contemporary art galleries showcasing a diverse assortment of pieces. Now, I don’t pretend to be an art critic, but I do know when I’m looking at something truly considered, (even if I don’t particularly like a piece), and I have to say I’m pretty amazed at what passes for art these days. Yes, I know I’m on shaky and subjective ground here—perhaps this was the intended reaction in a few instances….Let’s just say I was happy to remain blissfully ignorant when a gallerist tried to explain in “art speak” the significance of a pink trash bag hung from a wire!

Happily, there were some really spectacular works to be seen; which by contrast to the perhaps more questionable works, shone that much more brightly. Works by Anish Kapoor, for instance, and by photographer Katy Grannan certainly caught my attention.

Anish Kappor at the Frieze Fair

Anish Kappor at the Frieze Fair

Katy Grannan at the Frieze Fair

Katy Grannan at the Frieze Fair

At the Pulse NY Fair there were other fine works, like Charles Hinman’s “Rubellite” at the Marc Straus booth—his three dimensional, almost crystalline canvases remind me of the sort of art favored by my favorite David Hicks, and I’m starting to visualize some of Hinman’s fine works hanging on one of my own client’s walls!

Charles Hinman's "Rubellite" at the Marc Straus booth

Charles Hinman’s “Rubellite” at the Marc Straus booth

Dressed for an afternoon of art, I’m sporting a Tom Ford pink silk spencer jacket, brown, white and pink cotton floral print shirt, and a brown and ivory hounds tooth silk plaid pocket square, Uniqlo white jeans, Gucci python belt with silver buckle, vintage Rolex sneakers by Lanvin and my fragrance is Creed Orange Spice.


  1. Leo says:

    Love this, with better weather maybe we’ll see you in more
    Miami-esque outfits like this.

    Bring on the sun!

    Best Regards James.


  2. James Andrew says:

    Darling Leo,

    Where have you been ?

    Welcome Back – I have missed you!

    Yes with the weather warming you will indeed see more “Miami-esque” outfits.



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