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James Andrew, The Frick.

James Andrew, The Frick.

In a letter from the Frick’s director Ian Wardropper, we’ve receive the best news we could possibly hope for:

After months of public dialogue and thoughtful consideration and weighing the potential for a protracted appoval process against the Frick’s pressing needs, the Board of Trustees has decided to approach the expansion plan in a way that avoids building on the garden site.

In short, our beloved Russell Page garden at the Frick has been saved! Turns out our votes counted and our voices were heard — it shows that collectively we can indeed make a difference!

The Frick Garden by Kate Schelter

The Frick Garden by Kate Schelter

The Frick Garden by Jonathan Myles Lea

The Frick Garden by Jonathan Myles Lea

There are so many who should be thanked for their tireless efforts, ideas, support, and resources — Marina Rust, Kate Schelter, Kate Belin, Jonathan Myles-Lea, Madison Cox, Annette de la Renta, Giancarlo Giammetti, Peter Pennoyer, Robert A.M. Stern, fellow bloggers like Heather Clawson, etc. etc. Rachel Feinstein who was instrumental in mobilizing artists to create a group letter, the Historic Districts Council, Friends of the Upper East Side Historic Districts, Defenders of the Historic Upper East Side, the expertise and leadership of the Cultural Landscape Foundation as well as the Garden Club of America, and of course everyone at Unite to Save the Frick — all of whose collective efforts have been critical in persuading the powers that be to preserve this glorious bit of hallowed ground.

The Frick Garden by Annika Connor

The Frick Garden by Annika Connor

Celebrating the saving of the Russell Page garden at the Frick, I’m decked out in my “flowers not towers” Tom Ford floral silk/cotton pants (a special thank you to Jeffrey Sternfeld for finding these beauties for me), lavender silk wook jacket, white cotton shirt with French cuffs and a royal dot print silk pocket square, Seaman Schepps pearl and pale blue sapphire cuff links, vintage Rolex, Hadliegh royal blue gingham tasseled slippers, Creed Pure White Cologne and a bit of a sun kissed glow via Tom Ford Bronzing Gel.

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  1. Regina says:

    BRAVO… The Power of Visualisation thrives! ALL as ONE, birthed The Vision that will rise by efforts energized in saving this Bijoux of a Jardin within the concrete jungle of Manhattan. It will be of subtle Magnificence, with a view of Page’s Vision intact. Perhaps the Boards new appreciation of the garden will invite the Fricks visitors desire to amble upon the pea gravel paths more frequently. As a Golden Rule, Beauty is never static unless frozen in Amber!

  2. Dean Farris says:

    Great post James!

    I do think that our friend on the left coast, Ms. Wearstler, would covet those trousers too!

    Always loved looking out from the penthouse terrace of 2 East 70, through the Versailles planters – by our friend Madison Cox – down to the Frick garden and up the avenue, across the park…heaven!

    PS Did not Russell Page also help Mrs. Mellon, and Mrs. Paley too?

  3. James Andrew says:

    My Darling Regina,

    Indeed it does!

    I would visit the Frick Garden and spend time visualizing it being there for a very long time!

    Certainly all of this has brought an awareness and hopefully as you say an appreciation for this “Bijoux of a garden”

    Much Love


  4. James Andrew says:

    Darling Dean

    I cant tell you how thrilled I am to be celebrating the saving of this beloved oasis.



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