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James Andrew at Sean Kelly

James Andrew at Sean Kelly

As you all may have gathered by now, I always seek to elevate the interiors that I create to the level of high art. To this end, I’m constantly on a mission to find the most sublime and rare pieces to complete the ravishing rooms I am designing (or as is often the case, to actually design entirely tailored objects!).

This all being said, I do find myself rather excited when I get to see furniture by legendary designers and architects as part of an exhibition at a prestigious art gallery like the Sean Kelly Gallery.

In their latest presentation entitled Forms of Attraction, Sean Kelly brings together iconic pieces by major figures in furniture design, namely Poul Kjærholm of Denmark and Joaquim Tenreiro of Brazil, displaying their work amidst art by Edgar Degas, Los Carpinteros, Olafur Eliasson, Ellsworth Kelly, Iran do Espírito Santo, Donald Judd, Pietro Roccasalva, and Frank Thiel, among others.

Kjærholm and Tenreiro were mavericks in their innovative use of materials, both old and new. I was especially drawn to Teneiro, whose superbly crafted pieces established a Brazilian modernist dialogue between traditional and forward thinking aesthetics.

The exquisite selection of fine art paired with these designers’ masterpieces bring out the furniture’s enduring nature — these designs are truly furniture as sculpture. Someday I’d love to have my own pieces exhibited in such a magnificent way!

In addition, Sean Kelly is exhibiting works by renowned German artist, Rebecca Horn, in a show entitled The Vertebrae Oracle. It’s a stunning selection of new sculpture and large-scale paintings on paper which have a nice Twombly-esq feel. Horn’s sculptures are rather magical as well; do be sure to have a look at Horn’s Metamorphoses between Rock and Butterfly.

For my visit to Sean Kelly, I’m sporting a Tom Ford era Gucci navy cotton pique jacket, Tom Ford ink and whitechevron print cotton shirt, Ralph Lauren orange silk shantung pants and orange suede espadrilles, a navy and white dot silk pocket square from Battistoni Roma, a Kiel James Patrick “Briggs Capeside Docks” belt in white, a vintage Rolex, and my fragrance is Creed Orange Spice.

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  1. CD says:

    Fantastic James! Thanks so much for this excellent Sean Kelly Gallery write up!


  2. M.B. says:


    You always manage to look so cool. Awesome outfit. Thanks for sharing


  3. James Andrew says:

    My Dear CD,

    Thank You for all your support!

    Sean Kelly always has the best exhibitions and all the people that work there are so lovely!!!

    All my best,


  4. James Andrew says:

    Hi there M.B.

    Thanks for your kind words!!!

    Clothing is so much fun- a brilliant form of self-expression- very happy to share!



  5. Dean says:


    Those silk trou are to die for!


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