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James Andrew, Central Park

James Andrew, Central Park

Over a lifetime, so many of one’s experiences get blurred by the blistering speed of time, and ultimately become forgotten. Where did all that time go? It really is absolutely imperative to savor more of those moments — and to get present in the now — to take time to feel and express gratitude for the life we have. Aside from the peace of mind and tranquility a change of attitude like this brings, it can also bring other benefits, creating powerful vibrations that help attract and manifest more of our most cherished dreams.

After a sublime stroll through Central Park with Scott McBee, we took a few moments to become present — to feel the warm sunshine, to gaze deeply into the clear blue expanse of the sky, to listen to the promise of the emerging spring, and to give thanks for the perfection of the moment!

I am sporting a Tom Ford era Gucci dusty pale blue suede motorcycle jacket and wool checked pants in blue, forest green, and gray, Tom Ford pale blue cotton shirt with contrast white collar, Borrelli forest green cashmere tie, Seamen Schepps pearl and pale blue sapphire cuff links, vintage Rolex, Pierre Hardy royal suede demi boots, Ralph Lauren black alligator belt with sterling buckle, Tom Ford “Marco” sunglasses, Tom Ford Bronzing Gel and my fragrance is Jo Malone Amber and Lavender Cologne.

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  1. karena says:

    James I truly appreciate you talking about the importance of taking time to cherish all of the special moments and experiences of life. The magnetic energy that surrounds us does need space and time to manifest itself.

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Dean says:


    This story reminds me of when I lived on the island of Manhattan, at 11 East 66th Street – I would often see iconic people standing in the street along Madison or Park, not to catch a cab, but to just be still for a moment and feel the vibrant energy there. I am reminded of Albert Hadley (on Madison) – Nan Kempner (hiding in a doorway on Madison in the rain) – and Andy Warhol, (holding some Interviews and standing on Park) All fabulous and all still with us in fond memories-
    You look great ! Love those shoes!

  3. Bill Fleming says:

    What a wonderful day. We loved taking our terrier Derby there when weather permitted.

  4. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Karena,

    I love how you word this “The magnetic energy that surrounds us” it really is all about energy and vibration.

    In these moments we can align our energy and vibrations with ALL that we want!



  5. James Andrew says:

    Darling Dean,

    There is nothing better than these quintessential New York moments- however in all the craziness that is New York City we really do need to take time and get still- there in the still all that we feel is tranquility even with all the chaos around us.



  6. James Andrew says:

    Dear Bill Fleming,

    Mr McB and I both were saying how much we miss our dogs and how much fun it was for them to have a stroll around the park – get back to nature etc.

    Cheers and All Best


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