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James Andrew with Tamaso Saraceno installation - photo Scott McBee

James Andrew with Tamaso Saraceno installation - photo Scott McBee

The museum program mentions something about the merging of “…art, architecture, and science.”

Our immediate impressions were a bit more, let’s say, visceral (read, unabashedly boyish).

In fact, we couldn’t wait to climb aboard this unbelievably cool, adult-sized molecular jungle-gym/spaceship! It’s a stunning steel and plexi structure by Tamaso Saraceno and can be found perched on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum where it affords one some truly wild inter-dimensional views of the NYC skyline. Obviously this puts it high on the WIJW list of must-sees this season. There is a timed admission to enter the structure—make sure to pick up your ticket before ascending to the roof!

I’m sporting a Tom Ford era Gucci white, black and saddle leather jacket, Tom Ford “Regency” pants in pink & green silk cotton madras check, black and white stripe cotton shirt with French cuffs, “Nicolo” sunglasses, vintage moon stone cuff links, black, white and silver leather Gucci loafers, vintage Cartier Tank “Divan” watch and my fragrance is Creed Royal Water.


  1. Marc de Paris says:

    Very interesting. A wonderful dialogue of shapes. Congratulation for Scott’s picture.

  2. Dean says:


    Imagine how Diana V would have loooved to have done a sixties photo shoot here! Groovy!


  3. James Andrew says:

    Dear Marc,

    Thank You!

    This is one of those wonderful conflations of ideas and aesthetics that enter the realm of the sublime.



  4. Brad says:

    It’s very odd looking, that’s for certain.

    Hope you had a lovely Memorial Day James.


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