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Nigel 1997 - 2010

My dear Nigel had been plagued by heart issues for some time, and despite the best of care, he took a turn for the worse this past week, and last Wednesday at 12:24 PM my beloved whippet passed away peacefully at home surrounded by loved ones.

This wonderful creature came into my life quite by chance as a possible companion to my whippet Rupert – the then one year old Nigel was in need of a good home, and it seemed Rupert took an immediate liking to him, so we took him in. After the shortest of trial periods, I was thoroughly won over by Nigel’s energy, and a sweetness that often belied a mischievous eye – the young boy, you see, did indeed have quite a propensity for naughtiness, and I can remember he kept me on my toes around the clock!

Over the years, Nigel blossomed into a beautiful, elegant, and dignified whippet – a constant companion, ready for an adventure, or simply for a snuggle.

I did my very best to give Nigel and Rupert charmed lives — I suppose there is some solace in that — and they, in turn, taught me so much about life and love. Alas, I do so miss their enthusiastic greeting now when I return home after a long day’s work.

I have been so blessed to have had the great gift of these remarkable creatures in my life, and they will forever live on in my heart and mind. I still feel their presence and rejoice in knowing that they will always be with me.


  1. Marc de Paris says:

    So sorry to read these news, I shall pray for you. Please accept my deapest sympathy

  2. mel says:

    james, i’m so sorry for your loss. sending you hugs and warm thoughts during this difficult time. warmly, mel

  3. littleaugury says:

    indeed as dapper as his master. they do teach us more than most people do-it is all fairly unconditional with our dogs. may he rest in peace.

  4. Oonagh says:

    James, I am so sorry to hear this sad news about the lovely Nigel. I am sure you did indeed give him and Rupert charmed lives and, most importantly, a very loving home. Thinking of you. Oonagh x

  5. I am very sorry for your loss, James. Nigel was beautiful.

  6. Leo says:

    I feel for you, as I know what it’s like to lose a dog.
    I’m feel sure he had as good a life any dog could have wished for.
    Sympathies, Leo

  7. Juan in Barcelona says:

    Dear James,
    so sorry to hear about Nigel. He was such an adorable creature!
    Sending you a big warm hug!

  8. I’m very sorry James~
    I lost my dearest Nia not so long ago…
    Your pets certainly had a charmed life!

    virtual HUGS*

  9. Brian Cook says:

    They were lucky to have you to care for them, James.


  10. Kelly says:

    I am so sorry to learn of your loss. I will hug my hound a little longer tonight thinking of Nigel, Rupert, you and your heavy heart.

  11. Juan says:

    I am so sorry James,
    Regards from Montevideo

  12. Christian Fuchs says:

    So sorry for your loss Darling. I am sure Nigel´s soul is taking care of you

    Big Hug,


  13. Deborah says:

    Hey James,

    I’m sorry Nigel died. When you get a pet it’s about how cute they are. Then when you least expect it, they go from being cute to becoming an integral part of your life. It’s hard when they die – they leave a huge vacancy. – Take care.

  14. Greg says:

    James, my condolences on the loss of your dear companion. Even in times such as these, I find your spiritually-enlightened point of view to be remarkable indeed.

  15. James Andrew says:

    Thank You All!

    Your amazing support is such a positive light for me in these moments of sadness.

    Light and blessings


  16. DeanFarris says:

    dear james,

    What a beautiful boy ! Dear Nigel. Today I met a Bichon named Savanna, and she was so quiet and sweet. You must treat yourself to something decadent. All love and prayers for dear nigel.


  17. Barbara says:

    I am so sorry James. What beautiful dogs. Stunning beings full of abundant love. I too, will hug my hound a little harder tonight in honor of your Nigel and Rupert.

  18. Yasmeen Baroness von Schleinitz says:

    My Dearest James,

    Nigel will be unforgotten! Having a love of a velvet family member means unconditional love for a life time! My Podenco Ibicenoe Fairy and my Pointer Mike moved with me around this world since 12 years and we shared great times. They guarded me and are always backing me up. I send you my love and hope you will recover from this big loss. Nigel’s love will be with you forever!
    Warm Wishes,

  19. Jen says:

    I’m so sorry. Such a beautiful boy, and so obviously loved. We will raise a glass tonight to him.

  20. hamptontoes says:

    I sit here with teary eyes reading this post about Nigel. I know all to well the heartache that surrounds us when we loose our four legged family members. Nigel does sound like he was blessed with a great master! My thoughts are with you.

  21. Suzy says:

    Oh James, I’m so sorry for your loss.

  22. Lea says:

    I’m sorry for you. It was a beatiful dog!

  23. Dear James,
    Very sorry to hear of your loss, our pets give us such unconditional Love !
    We keep all our loved ones Alive with our Heart & Soul.
    Warm regards, Timothy

  24. Jill says:

    I just saw this…I’m so sorry. Whippets are such affectionate creatures

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