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James Andrew at Christies - photo Montana Timchula

James Andrew at Christies – photo Montana Timchula

I attended the most fabulous preview and lecture today at Christies, celebrating the brilliant collaboration of interior design legend, Michael Taylor, and his sophisticated client/patroness Diana Dollar Knowles. These are the kinds of collaborations every designer dreams of having — a superbly refined client with the funds in place to realize the most ravishing rooms.

Taylor provided his client, Knowles, with the very best of the best from dealers around the world, and this Christies sale features pieces (and in some cases entire rooms) from her homes in San Francisco and Tahoe. Taylor’s timeless sensibility makes everything in this collection enduringly fresh and just as appropriate for a contemporary interior as they were then. Needless to say, there are several pieces I’ll be bidding on for both my clients and myself!

A Michael Taylor design.

A Michael Taylor design.

Hosting the fascinating lecture was Suzanna Tucker (of Tucker Marks), who worked with Michael Taylor and became a protégé of sorts. Joining Suzanne, was Tony Victoria of Frederick P Victoria who was one of Taylor’s favorite dealers and furniture makers as well as Jeffery Simpson, formerly of Architectural Digest, and Andrew McVinish of Christies.

See auction details here: Michael Taylor and the Alchemy of Design: The Diana Dollar Knowles Collection at Christies.

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My magnificent and talented friend, Montana Timchula, accompanied me to the preview, and kindly photographed me amongst a few of the beautiful Michael Taylor/Diana Dollar Knowles items you’ll find at this not-to-be-missed Christies auction.

I’m sporting the most delicious Scottish cashmere toggle coat sweater in teal and charcoal from Paul Stuart, Tom Ford black and white stripe cotton shirt with French cuffs, black pearl cuff links, Gucci black wool flannel pants and black leather tasseled loafers, black alligator belt with sterling buckle and black and white silk polka dot scarf by Ralph Lauren, and my fragrance is Creed Epicea.

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  1. James,

    Your sitting on my sofa!!

    A fabulous auction it will be for sure.



  2. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Michael,

    Oh really- How sublime!- I have always loved this sofa!!!

    I hope to acquire a few treasures




    There you are at” THE AUCTION”!!!
    (I have to say……there are so many amazing auctions……right now…..I am feeling my mortality….I could just leave it all to you!) this is the most amazing auction! I just hope everyone who buys anything….treasures it….and puts it in an appropriate place ! Ha! These things will be spread beyond!

    And I hope they will enrich where they go! It makes me very sad to see interiors dismantled….however……I have known from the beginning 43 years) interior decorating is “ephemeral”; and I have not one interior still extant….(except my own!)

    .I have just had a “hell of a time” creating them! And thank God…..photographs!! A decorator’s life is a wonderful life!!

    What fun!!!

    This is an auction that really shows the brilliance of the man…..a collection untouched……for a long time!



  4. CD says:

    James, it is so nice to see you perching on a yellow sofa in a rather mysteriously dark ensemble, behind ghost-like and adorable lemony porcelain roosters, with Emilio Grau Sala’s 1966 Déjeuner dans un jardin acting both as a window and mirror behind you.

    In fact, 1966 would have marked the centennial of Claude Monet’s 1866 Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe, a painting that was itself a response to Édouard Manet’s infamous 1863 Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe. And this year happens to mark the 150th anniversary of Manet’s rebellious Olympia and Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe, two paintings that ushered in Modernism, if not Postmodernism as well. I would be so surprised if Emilio Grau Sala’s Déjeuner would not fetch triple or quadruble of its extremely low expected value. I could have easily seen this painting within the current “Lunch with Olympia” exhibition at Yale School of Art’s Gallery.

    Equally compelling is Montana Timchula’s photograph of you seated upon a seemingly bright orange banquette and shrouded in a fascinating late 17th century Chinese screen.

    All the best while bidding at Christies!!


  5. James Andrew says:

    My Darling Penelope,

    I totally agree- one hopes these gorgeous things will go to a home where they are cherished and appreciated for the beauty that they continue to add to one’s life.

    It is sad seeing these magnificent manses dismantled.

    I am thrilled I have been able to see the contents in person of so many of these legendary homes- as I am sure you have as well.

    The Collections of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor,Villa Fiorentina, Tony Duquette – the list goes on – and I am continually inspired by these legendary tastemakers and what they and their designers created together.

    Love and Lots of Light


  6. Did you see how much the sofas went for? I was Flabbergasted. $60,000 smackeroos! They are so iconic of Michael Taylor though but I thought they would go for much less.

  7. James Andrew says:

    My Dear CD,

    Thank You for your exquisite comments and feedback!

    Montana- did a marvelous job with this photo- I just adore this sofa- hoping to use this model soon.



  8. James Andrew says:


    Can you imagine- this is cray cray- whoever said upholstery was not a good investment???


  9. Regina says:

    I suppose you realize you were sitting on 75000!

  10. James Andrew says:

    My Darling Regina,

    This only goes to show- that I do indeed have the eye for the best of the best!

    I want a % of that sale!!!

    Love ,Light and Blessings


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