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Max Rhyser

Max Rhyser and James Andrew - photo Julio Gaggia

Max Rhyser and James Andrew - photo Julio Gaggia

As you know, WIJW loves to feature artists that catch our eye. That being said, we’re pleased to briefly interrupt our Marrakech story for the ultra-talented Danish-American-Israeli model, stage, television and film actor, Max Rhyser.

In case you were wondering, Rhyser was not always the gorgeous, confident young man we see today. In fact, he tells us of a life full of uncertainties—whether it was moving between Amsterdam, Paris and Copenhagen as a child (with the requisite challenge of having to learn a new language each time) or being gay and having weight issues, circumstances weren’t exactly conducive to a happy childhood. Things began to change, however, when Rhyser joined his school’s theater program. “I found a home,” he says, a “beautiful escape,” with like minded friends. From then on he’d always seek out the “theater group.”

Pursuing his dream of acting in New York City was not all roses and lollipops either—his accent and ethnically ambivalent look found him trying to be who he thought everyone wanted him to be. Ultimately, though, he found his own voice (to critical acclaim we might add)—just read his extensive filmography on IMDB!

Max Rhyser - photo Julio Gaggia

Max Rhyser - photo Julio Gaggia

Of course his success took no small degree of personal initiative: “As an actor, an artist,” Rhyser exclaims, “we’re always waiting for the agent, the manager, the casting director, the director, the producer, the network, the gallery, etc., etc., etc.. WHY? With all the resources available to us these days, we can do anything we want, anything! You have a role you want to play, a story you want to tell, do it! Do it!”

Feeling inspired yet?!

Rhyser and Sal Bardo’s latest film, entitled “Chaser” tackles cultural alienation and the fringe gay community. See link here. Of this rather brave role, Rhyser explains, “operating from the heart truly TRULY removes all fears.”

Also check out his latest on-stage appearance in The Austerity of Hope. His performance is a must see!

With so many projects in the works, it probably goes without saying that we’ll be bringing much more from the dynamic Max Rhyser in the not so far future. We can’t wait!

I’m pictured (top) dressing Rhyser for the Oscars and Tony Awards he is sure to win! He’s wearing a Tom Ford era Gucci black silk moire dinner jacket and tuxedo pants, Tom Ford lavender cotton voile tuxedo shirt and black silk faille bow tie, and an outrageous diamond evening set by our friends M. de Phocas. The effect is complete with a generous misting of Creed Imperial Millesime.

Diamond Evening Set by M. de Phocas

Diamond Evening Set by M. de Phocas

I am sporting the vest and pants from a Tom Ford charcoal glen plaid wool suit, grey cotton window pane plaid shirt, antique shell and coral cuff links, and brown leather loafers. My fragrance is Creed Original Cologne.


  1. Danny says:

    Wow, I thought I’d stumbled onto Men At Play!!!
    Still the conceipt of this photo set up is wonderful, underlined by such a sumptuous backdrop and library.

  2. James Andrew says:


    That is fantastic!

    We always enjoy being a bit provocative!

    I truly believe in the concept of acting as if what we wanted already existed in our lives.

    So this idea to dress up Max as if he was getting ready to attend the Oscars to receive his Academy award.



  3. I would wear that outfit you have on, James, hands down. Brilliant.

  4. wendy woo says:

    What a triumphant story. Very inspiring. Thanks for your time and interesting details! Now, I should close the WIJW page as my screen is sizzling!

  5. James Andrew says:

    Darling Wendy,

    So happy to hear so many are enjoying Max’s story!

    He is a brilliant young man and I just wanted to share his genius with as many people as possible.



  6. Matt says:

    Hi James,

    Such a nice piece you’ve written on your friend, Mr Rhyser. Thanks for sharing. By the way he looks dashing, but that was no surprise when you have Mr Andrew as a stylist and dresser!

    Hugs – Matt

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