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Madrid Me Encanta

Breakfast at the Villa Magna Hotel.

Breakfast at the Villa Magna Hotel.

Our last day in Madrid before heading to Ibiza had us wanting to see as much as we could without feeling rushed, and so we sorted out our day over a relaxing breakfast on one of the terrific terraces of the Villa Magna Hotel.

At the Museo Naval.

At the Museo Naval.

Our first stop was the Museo Naval, which was the perfect place for Mr. McBee to find a bit of inspiration for his upcoming portrait of the Spanish Royal yacht “Giralda.”

Next on our list was the the mansion of the Marquis of Cerralbo—it provides a perfectly preserved glimpse of the life of a 19th/20th century Madrileño aristocrat—essentially the Frick of Madrid. It was designed as both home and showcase to display the art and success of the Cerralbos. Needless to say, this is a must see!

Museo Cerralbo

Museo Cerralbo

Museo Cerralbo

Museo Cerralbo

James Andrew and Juan Moline

James Andrew and Juan Moline

After a stroll around the super chic “Barrio Salamanca” we popped into restaurant Oter for some “arroz con mariscos,” a Valencia style seafood rice flavored with saffron. We also managed to visit both the Museo Lazaro Galdiano as well as the Museo Arqueologico before meeting up with more fantastic friends and fans for drinks hosted by my dear friend, the gorgeous Juan Moline—what an absolutely lovely experience to be greeted with such warmth and hospitality!

Scott Mcbee and James Andrew - photo Ze Cabral

Scott Mcbee and James Andrew - photo Ze Cabral

On the way to meet Moline we were stopped on the street by Ze Cabral of The Lisbon Tailor. He is essentially the “Sartorialist” of Portugal and we were quite honored to be photographed for his brilliant blog!

Then we were off to meet my lovely friend Pepa Charlton for drinks at her stunning home before attending the most divine dinner party hosted by Marta Galatas. Do have a look at her lovely painted furniture. Galatas brought together the most fascinating and wonderful group of friends to celebrate WIJW in her rather splendid flat decorated with the help of legendary interior designer Duarte Pinto Coelho.

Sphinx at the entrance to Museo Arqueologico Nacional.

Sphinx at the entrance to Museo Arqueologico Nacional.

This was certainly the most spectacular send off we’ve had to date, and all set in this truly beautiful city. We’ll most definitely be returning for more and to reconnect with the wonderful people we’ve met along the way.

I’m wearing a Tom Ford “Spencer” sport jacket in rose silk linen basket weave, Etro silk chiffon paisley shirt, Charvet yellow silk retro print pocket square, Gucci python belt with silver buckle and sunglasses, Uniglo white cotton slim cargo style pants, Etro orange suede tasseled loafers and my fragrance is Creed Royal Water.


  1. Juan Moliné says:

    Me alegra que te encante Madrid. Todos los museos en los estuviste son maravillosos.
    Tu como siempre estás IDEAL!!!!

    Muchos besos.


  2. James Andrew says:

    Querido Juan,

    Madrid me encanta por gente como tu!

    Un abrazzo fuerte


  3. Linda says:


    Wonderful, lovely..what an introduction to Madrid for me. Thank you!

  4. Lino Perez says:

    Hola James, como siempre, ideal, ha sido un placer conocerte. un abrazo.Lino

  5. Brad Phillips says:

    Ah, I thought you had already been to Ibiza.
    The interior of the Museo Cerralbo is enchanting, and what a fine looking breakfast!

    Enjoy your evening James.


  6. fran says:

    thank you so much!

  7. Lino Perez says:

    Como siempre, ideal,elegante, muy guapo. un saludo.Lino

  8. Marc de Paris says:

    How lucky you are!
    Although Spain is bordering on France, I have never been to Madrid, and I wish I could go one day to the Prado. Your pictures are fascinating, what a wonderful stay!

  9. Juan says:

    Muy bueno tu español !!!!
    Juan de Montevideo,

  10. jon k says:

    so fucking hot

  11. jon k says:

    x 912388924

  12. Tom Cavendish says:

    Wow! I have to visit Madrid soon! There is so much there I want to see!

  13. Dear James! The pictures are amazing! You and Scott look great! I am so happy you had a nice time!



  14. Mara Helmrich von Elgott says:

    Sehr schöne Fotos James! Ich werde nächstes Jahr eine Zeit in Madrid verbringen!



  15. James Andrew says:

    Dear Christian,

    Thank You for your lovely comment!

    Madrid was a dream- have you been?



  16. Brian Cook says:

    You guys look great! Hope you are having the best time!

    Very cool pics.


  17. John downs says:

    Call me at 561-379-3661 when you are in town I want to see you in the city soon

  18. Dean says:


    James, this has to be the best WIJW post yet. Thanks for the tour, and the vicarious thrill…


  19. Nacho Corral says:

    Loved your post!!! You´ve got a new reader!!!

  20. EMANUELA says:

    Ciao James e Scott siete strepitosamente BELLI e di gran classe !

    Un abbraccio


  21. Jory Clay says:

    I love, love, love that image of you and Scott! You’re a very handsome pair.

  22. James Andrew says:

    Hello John,

    I have tried calling you a few times.

    You can email me ippet@aol.com



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