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La Maison Arabe

James Andrew with Prince Fabrizio Ruspoli di Poggio Suasa - Photo Gabriel Everett

A lively conversation. James Andrew with Prince Fabrizio Ruspoli di Poggio Suasa - The painting is of the Prince's grandfather, Prince Edmondo - photograph by Gabriel Everett

Our exploration of Marrakech via La Mamounia had some truly unforgettable moments. One of particular note was being able to experience first hand the renowned La Maison Arabe.

In the wake of WII, French sisters Suzy and Helene Sebillon-Larochette found themselves stranded in Marrakech with limited funds. The Pasha came to their rescue, enabling them to purchase the property—he even went so far as to give them one of his best palace chefs! In 1946, La Maison Arabe opened its doors to wild success—and soon it was reservations only, and a requisite twenty-fours hours advance notice for placing orders. Word quickly spread abroad—garnering rave reviews from New York critics and attracting major figures; Winston Churchill, who was a long-time patron at La Mamounia (he even has a rather famous bar named after him there), often dined at La Maison Arabe. Queen Ingrid of Denmark and our beloved Jackie O., among many others, frequented La Maison Arabe as well. Having had a long-standing love affair with Morocco, Prince Fabrizio Ruspoli di Poggio Suasa purchased the restaurant in 1995 and re-opened three years later — he now continues to uphold its great legacy.

After pre-dinner drinks inside at La Maison Arabe (we were seated at Churchill’s favorite spot), we headed outside for a delightful dinner poolside accompanied by the exotic strains of live Arabo-Andalusian music. We’re pleased to say that the very elegant Prince Fabrio Ruspoli (who graciously took the time to sit with us) has created a wonderfully authentic and yet innovative dining experience at La Maison Arabe — simply not to be missed!

La Maison Arabe

La Maison Arabe


  1. Juan Moliné says:

    This place looks very nice!! 😉

  2. James Andrew says:

    Querido Juan,

    Hubiera sido tan encantador para compartir una cena en este lugar muy romántico!

    Abrazzos y Besos


  3. Oonagh says:

    Charming photo.

  4. James Andrew says:

    Thank You Oonagh,

    La Maison Arabe was just sublime and the lush photography of Gabriel Everett – a winning combination!



  5. jon k says:

    what a sexy place

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