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Kips Bay President’s Preview and Dinner Gala

James Andrew at Kips Bay - photo by Gabariel Everett

James Andrew at Kips Bay - photo by Gabariel Everett

I was thrilled to attend the Kips Bay President’s Preview and Dinner Gala recently, celebrating the 39th Annual Kips Bay Decorator Show House.

The Show House, which had its start in 1973, invites noted interior designers to transform a luxury Manhattan home into an elegant exhibition of fine furnishings, art, and technology. The underlying mission at Kips Bay has been to enhance the quality of life for very deserving young people ages 6-18 in an effort to help them achieve their best potential, and the decorator show house contributes critical funds to this important cause.

The Kips Bay Decorator Show House will open to the public Thursday, April 28 to Thursday, May 26, and is a must-see experience that will leave you feeling wonderfully inspired.

I’ll be sure to share a few highlights of the show house in an upcoming post!

Dressed for an elegant evening in a Gucci silk tapestry evening suit, white cotton voile lace trimmed tuxedo shirt and a black silk grosgrain cummerbund, Tom Ford black silk grosgrain bow tie and black patent leather opera pumps, Seaman Schepps evening set and cuff links are sapphires and diamonds set in white gold, and my fragrance is Creed Imperial Millesime.


  1. Dean says:

    Dear James,

    A great charity, particularly for a talented decorator to be involved in. You look totally sensational in that suit! I hope that you’ll be doing a room this year, if not, perhaps next year! Congrats!


  2. Gayle Maccia says:

    You FANTABULOUS eye-candy… Who could possible come close to that! I say you stole the crowd, simply dashing JA. Impeccable as always!

  3. I have looked at those shoes for quite some time. How do they feel? Are your shoes narrow or somewhat wide?

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  4. danny says:

    Wow! That looks great… and with the jacquard it would easily look stagey but you carry it off with aplomb! BTW, the tapered trouser shape really suits you!

    X, Danny

  5. Matt says:

    Eye candy indeed. Love to see you wearing formal pumps. Most men would be afraid of those. kudos!

  6. Thanks for the detail of the fabric. I had seen your photo on another site and it looked lacey. It is a very good look, especially for this event.

  7. James i LOVE your tux, but there is a LOT of look going on from shoulder to ankle. I would rather see the Jacket paired with solid black or midnight blue trousers, or a black or midnight blue jacket paired with the WONDERFUL SLIM CUT PANTS. The tux has versatility! I would LIKE seeing the Great looking Pants paired with a dungaree jacket, solid rust shirt, and black belt and black ankle boots for a causal look. I have a similar shoe to yours. Bought them from Brooks Brothers years ago.

  8. little augury says:

    love love love that tux-chic choice for the occasion, as always pgt

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