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It Ain’t All Crystals and Rainbows

James Andrew, Lincoln Center Theater

James Andrew, Lincoln Center Theater

I believe we’re all on a spiritual journey—a path to enlightenment if you will. We may not all chose the same road but what is important is that we’re striving to make our lives happier and more fulfilled.

I’ve found several ideas that most new age schools of thought all share, and as there has been some interest from our readers on this subject, I thought they might be of some benefit to share here. Since these elements come in no particular order I’ll just jump right in.

Awareness is hugely important—we need to ask ourselves what are the thoughts and stories we are telling ourselves. When we can step back and simply observe, we can begin to separate ourselves from the thoughts and stories that do not serve us. We can then begin to tell better stories. On a relative level at least, we are our thoughts and conceptions!

Our thoughts and imagination are very powerful, and one should visualize and imagine the reality we would like to be experiencing in such a way that we actually bring up the emotion of what the complete fulfillment of these desires feels like. We exist in a feeling universe. This idea is about being a vibrational match to the things we want, and the universe acts like a mirror reflecting what we put out. Now this is not always the easiest things to do when we are undergoing some harsh times, but I assure you that by acknowledging where we are now, focusing on where we want to be—on things working out rather than focusing on all that is wrong in our lives we put ourselves in a much better place.

Love and forgiveness are also very powerful. One should always attempt to be the love one wants to receive. Forgiveness can become a good kind of selfish act in that it often does more good for the person that forgives than for the one who is forgiven. In this way we free ourselves from negative emotions like anger, resentment, and bitterness and we start to make room for better things to come into our lives.

Letting go of fear is pretty liberating as well—being free to fail, and just taking a massive leap. We need to be aware of fear—the fear of getting hurt, having our hearts broken, business failures, whatever it is, we are often missing out on all the potential and possibility by protecting ourselves. One could just as easily see anxiety as a form of excitement! By just “going for it” we give ourselves a chance to manifest what we desire.

These are just a few ideas to explore. I know many of them are working for me personally. Rather fabulous things are always happening in my own life, and at the very least I can say I’ve gained more inner peace, tranquility and love, which in turn encourages me to continue on this journey.

I love all the new age/hippie symbolism of “Crystals and Rainbows” and perhaps there are indeed some magical powers behind these things, (possibly based on the power of belief?), but for me, I think the more practical and useful ideas and tools offer much more tangible results.

I’m captured here at the ravishing reflecting pool at Lincoln Center Theatre pondering some of these ideas while sporting a pair of Tom Ford “Regency” pants in pink & green silk cotton madras check, an Alexander McQueen cotton pink and white micro stripe shirt with pink gross grain ribbon trim, woven white leather flip flops are by local sandal maker, Schettino di Capri, vintage Rolex watch and my fragrance is Creed Original Cologne.


  1. James,

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us this morning. I cant tell you how pertinent they are. It is so easy to let our fears get in the way of our dreams, which can send you down the wrong path. I may have to print this and put it on my inspiration board for daily reflection!

    Thanks again,


  2. Inside and out. All very important.

  3. marco Aurelio says:


  4. Brad says:

    Very pretty locale. You’re looking very tan here.

    You’re very right with all of this. As I’ve gotten older, I find that I’ve become much less anxious, and more willing to go for what I feel I’m capable of, regardless of nerves.



  5. Dean says:


    Food for thought! Don’t you agree that all of this virtual socailizing makes one feel very “existential”? I still recall when no person I knew had a mobile phone, knew what email was, certainly never texted or sexted, and people were not always easily reached. Even so, this new tech can allow us to so easily hide from one another, and even our own selves. Very interesting, n’est pas?


  6. Oonagh says:

    Thank you for this, James.

  7. James Andrew says:

    So happy to heat that you all are finding some of these ideas worth exploring.



  8. Annabella says:

    James, as always, you are evidence that prosperity exists in all its forms,,(wealth, health, love,fun)! I love that you remind us so eloquently from time to time, just exactly how it all really does work!

    Me…..my biggest enemies are the negative tape loops in my head. But for about 68 seconds i looked for something to be happy about…and poof…there you are with style and substance…right on cue!

    Keep those reminders coming. You explain it all so well!

    Happy where i am (right this red hot minute on your delightful site) and eager for more!

    Warmest Aloha,

  9. James Andrew says:

    Dearest Annabella,

    Thank You!

    It is comments and feedback like yours that make me want to share more ideas like this that have made such a tremendous difference in my own life.

    Once we are aware of the negative loops in our heads – we can then change the tape, stop and begin to focus on what we do want and begin to tell better stories.

    Perhaps I have been watching too much of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, but I really want to use this platform to promote this idea of “elevated living” and one of the most important aspects of that is realizing how very powerful we are to create our own reality.

    I assume you are in Hawaii – wouldn’t it be sublime to do a WIJW? in Hawaii.

    Light and Blessings


  10. John V. Buckley III says:


    This was such a beautifully written post and it affirms that we are all connected by about 6 degrees. We’ve never met but, I am an interior designer in San Francisco with an interest in fashion, as well. I’ve long admired your blog and your sense of style. I am also a deeply spiritual person-which is not something that I share with everyone but, it’s nice to read the ideas of someone with similar wiring. Also, affirming to read the comments of your readers.

    I’ve found that it is really helpful for me to set the tone of the day by using a releasing technique to release any funky energy from myself, or others that I’ve come into contact with. I visualize that negative energy as a color and I release it out of my body from head to toe into the earth. The earth knows just what to do with this energy. I also use sage to smudge myself from time to time. This is a Native American practice and I use white sage to do so. In our business we’re faced with loads of stress and people who are anxious. I also spend time visualizing all of the good things already in my life and those things that I hope the universe will bring into my world and the worlds of those that I love. I find that this
    morning ritual is a most powerful, “spiritual energy armor”, almost, that sets the tone of the day and helps me to deal with any and all things that come my way.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas and for doing it so stylishly!
    Perhaps if I am in New York our paths will overlap-

    All Blessings of Good Health, Love, and Abundance to you and yours!

    Best Regards,

    San Francisco

  11. James Andrew says:

    Dear Michael,

    I am so happy to hear that you found this post inspirational!

    I look forward to sharing many more like this.



  12. James Andrew says:

    Dear JVIII,

    How sublime to read your marvelous comment!

    Our collective consciousness will change the world!

    I would be thrilled and honored to meet you here in NYC or in SF.

    Light and Blessing and Hugs


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