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Dressed to celebrate myself, I’m sporting a Taroni royal blue silk moire kaftan made by Olas in Tangier, Tom Ford era Gucci ruffle and lace tuxedo shirt, Tom Ford tuxedo pant and silk brocade slippers, Le Noeud Papillon black silk bow tie and cummerbund, Seaman Schepps rock crystal, diamond and onyx evening set, Cartier Tank Divan, and my fragrance is Creed Original Cologne.
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Another year has passed and for some reason this one felt a bit challenging. Birthdays can often find one becoming somewhat self reflective – and if one isn’t careful, that introspection can easily lead to an unhealthy level of self criticism. For instance, this birthday found me fixated on career and life goals that haven’t been reached – a thought spiral that left me in a pretty foul mood. The day was spent mostly on my own, which was probably a good thing as it gave me an opportunity to sit and examine those thoughts and feelings. I decided to enact a little self-help exercise: writing to myself from a higher plane. From this more elevate perspective, unencumbered by niggling negative thought-spirals, it was easy to see that marvelous manifestations abound! Just a little shift really can be a powerful thing. We create our realities, and telling a better story is a good place to start – helping to ease negativity’s grip. This, all was followed by dose of mindfulness, (i.e. resting in the here and now). Being present allows us to put down the baggage of disappointment, incessant comparison with others, and everything else that is at odds with this quite divine moment – after all, “now” is all we ever have! This focus brings with it natural gratitude and amazement. It’s an energetic state of mind, creating fertile conditions for good things in our lives. Feelings of being less than, lack, and limitation magically transform into abundance.

Birthday dinner at Majorelle

Of course there are external things one can do to cheer up too – and getting dressed nicely for dinner in my new kaftan from Tangier for a marvelous dinner at my very favorite Majorelle here in town certainly elevated everything. In the end, I did indeed experience some Birthday bliss! 


  1. Thank you for your honest post… I’m glad that the day was capped by a wonderful dinner, and that you were able to rise above those thoughts we are all dealing with.

  2. Dean says:

    Judging from the images, you had a divine celebration dear James!

    Bonne Anniversaire to one of the most brilliant aesthetes in Manhattan !

  3. James Andrew says:

    Why Thank You Dean!

    It was a magical evening!



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