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James Andrew - photo: Boris Glamocanin

James Andrew – photo: Boris Glamocanin

With the idea of extending summer, I recently decided to explore a place that heretofore had been off my radar. As you know by now, I’m always on the prowl to find places that retain a former era’s fabulousness! From its advertisement, the place I found seemed to offer some truly intriguing possibilities. In the 50s, a gentleman (I believe he was a set designer) and a group of his friends set out to create an over-the-top confection using salvage from Newport mansions and stage sets – think: Oliver Messell and Rex Whistler (though perhaps this is too generous a compliment). I thought it all had great potential for some lovely louche 1970s glam.

I should have researched the idea with greater scrutiny!

The place was a vapor of what it once may have been. It was now run-down and sad… and to add to this, it had absolutely horrible service. I’d reserved the “Rotunda Suite” which I paid for in advance, but upon arrival I was told that other guests were extending their stay and I would have to stay in another room. The website itself was overflowing with amazing images – no doubt very old ones – of rooms and other spaces that upon arrival we discovered were not accessible to guests. It was all quite a bit of false advertising. Additionally – there was all sorts of seriously lewd behavior in the public areas – I’m going to spare you those details.

Despite all hopes of any brilliant photo opportunities, I decided to soldier on and try to enjoy my time sea-side. My friend Boris Glamocanin (the brilliant artist/photographer), and I took a nice stroll along the beach, and we returned to the guest house to lounge on the deck and soak up some glorious sun. The sky became the most magnificent shade of blue, and contrasted strikingly with ornamental details of a white elephant and obelisks. There was a gorgeous moment just then, despite all else having gone so wrong. I ran into the room and put on my Tom Ford chartreuse dressing gown, and voila, Boris snapped away. Sometimes, as in all things, with a shift in perception one can start to tell a different story. Rather than give in to the great plethora of annoyances, I opted to relax and embrace whatever beauty I could find.


  1. LA CONTESSA says:

    YOU were very NICE NOT to mention the PLACE!
    THAT ROBE IS THE BEST…………as I mention before on IG that is the color of our master BATH!
    YOU do get around and I applaud you for that!

  2. James Andrew says:

    Darling La Contessa,

    Well for several reasons- I did not mention the place- additionally I did not what anyone to say I would go to such a place LOL

    I cant wait to see photos of your bath- one of my fav colours!

    There is sooo much to see and I am forever looking for inspiration and new experiences.

    Much Love


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