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We here at WIJW are very happy to say we’ve been interviewed by our friends at the splendid online magazine, In the Air. Do visit them for a broad range of subjects from fashion to beauty to culture and much more! They’ve also produced a lovely short video with snippets from the full interview by Josip Majer with photography by Marko Sovilj, highlighting my thoughts on NYC and the changes I’ve seen over the decades, as well as some of the ideas I have on personal style (which will be familiar to our WIJW readership!). Enjoy!


  1. Omigod! I love this! It is so you; so sincere…so wonderful. It captures you …..and I miss you! Brilliant, James!

    You are so special! And you nailed the difference of New York now…..and then. I still love it; but I miss the special little places…..they are pretty gone now. Remember Lars Bolander down in the Meatpacking? Sob!

    Come visit us! You do need a country house…..and a dog!

  2. Dean says:

    Brilliant James!

    When i was at FIT i would view videos of Angelo Donghia and Tom Britt that Stanley Barrows had put there- in the library- and yours reminded me of those- A very POWERFUL tool, the video-

    Your point of view is very strong- keep it always! I know that, from other friends in NYC, that the tech overload has greatly changed the make up of the city- and so many of the Mad Av boutiques have closed-

    You look very well, and always present an image of “designer”- New York no less! Have you thought of collaborating with another one- like say, a Tory Burch? I knew Daniel Romualdez through Tice back in the day- a very nice gent he is!

    So often the path to more and greater success is via who one knows as much as what one knows! Kudos to you James for putting yourself out there-


  3. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Penelope Bianchi,

    I am beyond thrilled to hear you enjoyed this piece by In The Air!

    They did a terrific job!

    It was great fun sharing these musings and memories.

    Hope this finds you settling back in to your sublime home!!!!

    We are desperate for a country house – with several dogs- perhaps cats and….

    We miss you terrible a trip back to California is long overdue!

    Much Love


  4. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Dean,

    Thank You!

    So happy to hear so many have enjoyed this!!!!

    I love a collaboration!

    Hope this finds you very well!

    All My Best


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