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James Andrew – Four Freedoms Park (click to enlarge)

James Andrew – Four Freedoms Park (click to enlarge)

I’ve been rather remiss in not having posted anything in so long, and do apologize to you! I found myself needing a brief hiatus to attend to pressing things and, yes, to take a breather.

Now I’m happy to say that I’m feeling refreshed, and recharged!

Tune in to WIJW soon for upcoming summertime adventures! First off, we’ll be returning to the delightful North Fork for Independence Day weekend. We’re also sorting out a visit to my old stomping ground, Newport, Rhode Island, where you can be sure we’ll be creating the most epic of Great Gatsby fantasies! #technologicalreincarnationofthegreatgatsby. Also, Scott McBee is threatening to take me to St. Barts in August for some very welcome sun, sand, and sea!

In the meantime, I’ll be sharing some beautiful books on our WIJW summer reading list, and we’ll also be bringing you yet another of my divine dining room transformations.

Four Freedoms Park provides a marvelously minimal, super-chic backdrop for our photograph above. I’m wearing a Tom Ford pink silk “Spencer” jacket, linen voile royal gingham check shirt, royal silk pocket square and cobalt cotton pants, Ralph Lauren royal blue suede espadrilles, Kiel James Patrick woven white cotton belt, vintage Rolex, Tom Ford Neroli Portofino fragrance and a touch of Tom Ford Bronzing Gel for a sun-kissed glow.


  1. Brian Sheridan says:

    Glad you are back! Have a wonderful summer.

  2. Please find Britty Cudlip and Johnny Damgard in Newport! And my friend Bettie Bearden of the awesome blog….”Private Newport”!

    Yikes……Bettie and I were in 4th grade together…..(I could not make that up!) and her mommie took me in…..I was a “boarder” in 4th grade! 9! And Bettie’s Mommie brought me to their wonderful house to play! Saved my soul I swear to God!

    Bettie has the coolest blog…and Britty is the godmother of my only child…..she and Johnny Damgard (her husband) are among my favorite humans…..and Adam played basketball against him 60 years ago. Choate vs. Deerfield……YIKES!!!!!! How lucky are we to have these friends all our lives?!? Literally….. ALL OUR LIVES!!!

    Please tell me when you go to Newport….you would probably meet them all all by yourself……but please let me help….I love these people…and I love you!!

  3. Been missin’ you, man! Glad you are back! We need your advice and your verve!

    Charles Allen

  4. James Andrew says:

    My Dearest Penelope Bianchi,

    It is a very small chic world – well at least with you my dear!

    You know ALL the best people and just get everything right!

    Hoping to make it to Newport July/August- working on where to stay etc.

    Have not been in ages- as a child I spent many of my Summers in Newport.

    I know Bettie and look forward to actually meeting her in person!

    Much Love


  5. James Andrew says:

    Dear Charles Allen,

    Thank You!

    It is brilliant to be back after my brief hiatus!

    Stay tuned!

    All Best


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