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High and Low

James Andrew - photo Gabriel Everett

James Andrew - photo Gabriel Everett

When decorating a client’s home, I try to insist on the best possible quality materials and workmanship. However, even the wealthiest of my clients has a budget! With that in mind, I’ve found one can still achieve superior results with modest materials by applying a high level of craftsmanship and design. For example, I might seek out a simple cotton/linen and trim them in gross grain ribbon to produce some rather spectacular looking curtains. It’s a high/low approach. The same goes with my wardrobe. I have no problem mixing no-compromise brands like Tom Ford and Savile Row tailoring with basic items from Uniqlo like jeans and sweaters. Uniqlo, in fact, produces some quite well made/designed basics in fantastic colors. I often wear Uniqlo jeans and a cashmere sweater paired with a Tom Ford jacket and shoes for a super stylish yet casual high/low ensemble.

Enjoying a snowy afternoon shopping at Uniqlo and the Tom Ford boutique, I’m sporting a Gucci tweed top coat and brown wool hand knit sweater, Uniqlo jeans, Le Chameau wellies, Sermoneta dark green leather gloves. My fragrance is Creed Bois du Portugal.


  1. quintessence says:

    You look fabulous as always and I totally agree – high/low is the way to go in both fashion and decor!!

  2. CD says:

    What will I do without James? I was on my way to obtain a pair of Gucci wellies when I just discovered through your posting Le Chameau ones. A million thanks! And needless to say, you look so extremely elegant. In fact, in my humble opinion it is quite often the high/low dialectic that is in the heart of true and unexpected aesthetics.

  3. Jory Clay says:

    I’m happy to hear that you like Uniqlo jeans. I have been wearing pretty much nothing but Uniqlo denim for the last year and I love them. Not to mention that I’m constantly asked about them. đŸ™‚

  4. James Andrew says:

    Dear Jory,

    I am sure you wear them very well!



  5. raj Tolaram says:

    anything james andrew = p e r f e c t i o n

  6. James Andrew says:

    My Darling Raj,

    You are soooooo DIVINE!



  7. I love this combination on so many levels, I cannot even begin to describe. It actually makes a cold, wet, rainy day seem desirable! A+

  8. Damien M says:

    Agree on the Uniqlo jeans, they appear to be indestructible. Never seem to fade or lose shape, though like wearing cardboard for the first few weeks until they’re broken in.

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