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James Andrew, Cape Cod

James Andrew, Cape Cod

After what seemed like a very quick train ride from New York City, we arrived at Boston and were promptly whisked off to our friends’ home on the Cape — a monumental modernist affair perched high on a hill overlooking the sea with a nearly private stretch of beach at its foot. From here, just across Cape Cod Bay, one can see Provincetown. We arrived in time for a late luncheon with ample time to enjoy some hours soaking in the sun. I can’t tell you how restorative it was to be out of the heat of the city. Cocktails were served at 5 — martinis and delicious raw oysters on the half shell were the order of the day. A gathering of wonderful friends joined for a most delicious dinner accompanied by several lovely bottles of cooling Rosé — a perfectly idyllic way to launch our mini holiday!

Our beach

Our beach

Dressed for dinner in an elegant but casual summer ensemble, I’m enjoying a bit more beach-time before cocktail hour. I’m wearing a Tom Ford era Gucci navy cotton pique jacket, Tom Ford cobalt dot print silk pocket square, Alexander McQueen pink micro stripe cotton shirt with pink gross grain trim, Club Monaco madras plaid cotton shorts (I tend to not wear shorts in town, but love shorts and a jacket by the beach or in the country), Ralph Lauren red alligator belt with sterling belt and royal blue suede espadrilles, Gucci sunglasses, vintage Rolex and my fragrance is Tom Ford Neroli Portofino.

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  1. James Fairclough says:

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. Great fashion and substance. Keep it coming.

  2. James Fairclough says:

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. Great photos, fashion and substance. Keep it coming.

  3. Karena says:

    James by far the sharpest dressed man at the beach…loving those espadrilles!!

    The Arts by Karena

  4. Dean says:


    WOW! That’s a LOOK ! Of course, I still remember meeting you all those years ago here in Florida, and you were wearing a very sheer
    blouson – totally fabulous – and said very little!

    The beard is growing on me…pun intended- however paired with the shades you look like a character from a murder on the Orient Express movie- or maybe a Russian deposed aristocrat who now is the maitre’d at a finer French dining establishment? 🙂 But you always own your look! I give you that !

    Yum, martinis and oysters-food for the Gods!


  5. Only you would have those espadrilles! Bravo! You just blended in perfectly to Cape Cod!

    (believe me; that is anything but easy!!!)

    (You may be a little to sexy…but they welcome that!!!)

    Bravo! I adore the “Cape”!!!

  6. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Karena,

    Thank You!

    I really do like to express my best possible “Sartorial Splendour” wherever I go.

    I LOVE espadrilles- Ralph has done some of the best ones I have seen in ages!



  7. James Andrew says:

    Well Hello Dean,

    Yes my high style Tom Ford era Gucci days – lots of “sheer blousons”

    It was so much fun perusing your scrapbooks with Albert Hadley with way too many cocktails.

    And yes Martinis and Oysters are indeed “food for the gods”

    Much Love


  8. James Andrew says:

    My Darling Penelope Bianchi,

    You are so very delicious!!!

    Yes I believe that whether in decoration or our ensembles that we create it is indeed about capturing the essence of place- we create a fantasy of what that looks like to us and then we put the pieces of the puzzle together to flesh out our ideas.

    I just adore espadrilles – Ralph Lauren does them so well- wait till you see my madras plaid pair.

    Much Love


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