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Guy Stanley Philoche

Guy Stanley Philoche and James Andrew

Guy Stanley Philoche and James Andrew with Philoche painting at rear.

We’re quickly interrupting our Italian adventures to share with you the brilliant work of New York based artist Guy Stanley Philoche.

As you may know, I’m always on the prowl for art for my clients, and so it was with great pleasure that I was recently introduced to Guy Stanley Philoche and invited to visit him at his studio.

Philoche tells us his latest series, entitled “Game” (opening this weekend), derives its inspiration from fond childhood memories of the board games his family would play on Sunday nights after dinner. His work provokes an immediate emotional response, bringing us back to perhaps a simpler time of sharing with family and friends. The sense of nostalgia is heightened by Philoche’s distressed palette and lovingly rendered details like dents, cracks, and even teeth marks!

Guy Stanley Philoche, Domino, 48x60, Oil on Canvas

Guy Stanley Philoche, Domino, 48x60, Oil on Canvas

Born in Haiti, Philoche moved to Connecticut with his family in the 1980’s. A visit to MOMA as a child provided him with the motivation to become an artist, says Philoche. Overwhelmed by what he saw there as a young boy, he reached out to touch the paintings-and of course a museum guard promptly stopped him. But he was already on his way toward becoming the celebrated artist he is today, first honing his skills at Paier College and then moving on to Yale for graduate school. Needless to say, he now has a vast array of collectors-from George Clooney and Uma Thurman to major corporations and investment firms, (I hope to place some pieces with my clients as well).

Do make a point to see Philoche’s “Game” at the Art Hampton International Fine Art Fair which opens July 12 in Bridge Hampton.

With the captivating Guy Stanley Philoche in his New York Studio, I’m wearing a lilac rose silk wool linen melange twill, Tom Ford Snowdon suit, mini dusty rose plaid cotton shirt with French cuffs, pink silk knit tie and brown leather tasseled loafers, vintage moon stone cuff links, Pucci silk pocket square, vintage Rolex watch, my fragrance is Creed Orange Spice.


  1. La Comtesse Lola says:

    It is wonderful for use to use your widely read blog to “share” your finds with others, as well as promote talent in ALL the arts! And look dapper whilst doing so….Bravo again James! Thank you for sharing!

    I shall now have to set my cocktail down, and start saving for a Philoche!

  2. VVires says:

    Interesting artwork. Nice contrast between your prim and proper suit and the grungy studio. Just be careful not to step on any paint or the splatter will make your dry cleaner cry.

  3. Dean says:


    Just beautiful. I am reminded of how the late Angelo Donghia would promote the work of up and coming artists, such as Richard Giglio.


  4. James Andrew says:

    Dear Dean,

    Yes- I think it rather nice to have this fantastic venue to share!



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