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James Andrew at Fortuny - photo Gabriel Everett

James Andrew at Fortuny – photo Gabriel Everett

As an Interior Designer, I’m constantly on the prowl for unusual furniture, objects, and fabrics, and the Fortuny showroom is one of my favorite go-to resources. They are a true and enduring classic, and have remained in demand by the super chic and sophisticated set for over a century! I’m particularly wild about their fabrics. As one would expect from such a longstanding company, their fabrics are hugely versatile, and work well with really any design idiom, from classical to modernist, and everything in-between.

Fortuny Fabrics - NYC Showroom

Fortuny Fabrics – NYC Showroom

You’ll find these glorious made-by-hand fabrics in nearly every fine James Andrew interior. In fact I’m currently working on an interior that celebrates the work of Renzo Mongiardino. I’m referencing the stenciled walls he created, utilizing Fortuny fabrics on the vestebule walls of client’s town house – a field of “Melagrana” bordered by pieced Fortuny fabrics, antique ribbon, and silk tape! The effect is sublime.

The Fortuny showrooms.

The Fortuny showrooms.

Fortuny has struck that delicate balance – remaining true to their legacy while continuing to innovate and evolve. When looking to imbue an interior with timeless magic, do keep them in mind. Their spectacular New York City showroom is a must see – a perfect example of great style always being in fashion.

Captured at the stunning Fortuny New York City showroom by Gabriel Everett, I’m sporting a Tom Ford tangerine silk herringbone suite, brown and white micro-houndstooth cotton shirt, ivory silk tie, brown and ivory glen plaid silk pocket square and brown leather tasseled loafers, shell and coral cuff links, Rolex watch, and my fragrance is Creed Orange Spice.


  1. Wendy Woo says:

    Dear James:
    The Fortuny showroom!! What a slice of heaven on earth. The plans you have designed for your client’s vestebule walls sound wonderful. Hoping to see the finished design.
    And as always, you are radiating positive light and energy in TF tangerine

  2. James Andrew says:

    Well Wendy,

    Wait till you see!

    This TF tangerine suit is indeed quite magical!

    Cheers and Many Thanks


  3. George Cruz says:

    Fortuny is deliriously fabulous, of course and what James is wearing is as well. The Tom Ford silk tangerine suite is luscious on you. The brown and white micro-houndstooth grounds the ensemble and the white ivory tie enhances the whole look. And then all the little details, like the silk plaid pocket square, brown leather loafers, shell and coral cuff links and Rolex watch and presto! Who could resist?!! I only wish I could get really close to you, if only to catch the scent of your Creed Orange Spice! 😉

  4. James Andrew says:

    My Dear George,

    Yes- I cannot get enough of Fortuny and you are so very delicious with ALL your incredible support!

    You may have to visit your local Creed counter 😉



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