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Fabulous Friends in Montauk

 photo Gabriel Everett

James Andrew and friends

A friend is a gift you give yourself.
-Robert Louis Stevenson

While we can’t choose our families, (and I’m not going to spoil the mood by bringing mine into the picture), thankfully we can choose our friends!

And we think we’ve chosen rather well! Case and point, have a look here at a few of my favorite pals—the smiles are brought to you thanks to my super chic friend, Carmindy, who had us all to her beach house for a glorious weekend romp, seaside in Montauk. Wine, summer cookouts, lounging around—the simple things that make for a beautiful August getaway.

 photo Gabriel Everett

photo Gabriel Everett

I trust our WIJW friends are out there enjoying some of these remaining Halcyon days of summer together as well!

Gabriel Everett

photos Gabriel Everett

There’s a diverse group in Montauk—surfers, hedge fund guys, artists, etc. and so I assembled a look that has a sort of preppie-hippie vibe—let’s call it South Hampton Boheme.

I’m sporting a royal blue cotton satin jacket by Gucci, Baumans Men’s store provided me with this pale blue linen shirt with contrast white collar and french cuffs and the white linen and pale blue pocket square, Seaman Schepps pearl cuff links with pale blue sapphires, cotton madras plaid shorts from Club Monaco, red alligator belt with silver buckle from Ralph Lauren, bone suede loafers by Tom Ford and my cologne Creed Bois de Cedrat.


  1. Danny says:

    The sentiments, the embrace of your friend, the (is it a “come-hither”?) look in that last photo…All because of mystical sweet little kissable
    Irresistible you!
    Greetings from Capri!

    X, Danny

  2. James Andrew says:

    Well Danny Thank You!

    An amazing group of people , I am quite blessed!

    And so are you! Say hello to Capri for me- one of my favorite destinations.



  3. Danny says:

    everywhere I visit here has the patina of James… the piazzeta… la fontelina…. my favourite, villa san michelle.. and the new and so wrong, its right e’divino!
    Meanwhile also great times spent in Montauk… a houseshare down a random road with wild deer and vodka… cycling with sean mcpherson…that breakfast pancake place, ralph lauren in a denim-wash WW2 jeep… that sunset lobster pier… peter beard on a bench… good times x

  4. Dean says:


    Loved this post!

    Montauk is so groovy…does Tony Ingrao still have the old stone house there?

    Dean Farris

  5. Hi there! Friends are the most wonderful thing in one’s life. Very important for heart and mind and personally to know you is sm very nice for one as your friend. Wht u do u do it well. keep on james, you are the best.

  6. POUYA says:

    101% agree with the quotation ”A Friend Is A Gift You Give Yourself”…….and your style is seriously chic…….very interesting article James,thank you for posting………

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