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I love to juxtapose Eastern and Western design in my interior work. Adding a piece with a touch of exoticism adds personality and spark to a room. One of the first places I go when looking for Asian or more exotic pieces is Far Eastern Antiques. One can always find a fresh and diverse selection of unusual pieces there to choose from. Here I am standing in front of an over-the-top inlaid bone chest of drawers. I love this type of furniture, and have used pieces like this quite successfully on projects in Florida as well as in a few New York City apartments.

I am wearing an amazing pieced suede jacket, lavender silk paisley shirt, khaki slim pants, python belt with silver double horse head buckle, and tan leather loafers – all by Gucci – Sunglasses are by Dior.


  1. Just me says:

    I wonder, what is your fascination with the 70s look? I just saw an ad for a new 70s-era police show coming to NBC and I swear there is a guy in the show, forget his name, and you are channeling his look completely. You are consistently sporting a 70’s edge–what is your fascination? Thanks.

  2. James says:

    Thank you for your interest in my blog!

    I think the reason I often reference the 70s is due to the fact that my most formative years were the 70s – this is where I first started to fantasize
    about a jet-set world where people dressed, lived, traveled, and celebrated in high style.

    I love 60’s and 70’s design for its bold sensuality, and sophisticated glamour; and I naturally try to interpret a similar vibe in what I wear and in the interiors I create.

    I hope you continue to enjoy WHATISJAMESWEARING.COM and help to spread the word!



  3. Just me says:

    James, thanks for the response. I am spreading the word–I’m responsible for sending you around the globe–to the southern hemisphere where you are a big hit in Australia.

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