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I popped into the chic Chinese Porcelain Company to pick up an image of one of their abstract ink paintings to show to a client, and this stunning arrangement caught my eye – an elegant Buddha (with subduing mudra) resting on an Italian 18th century Louis XVI console and a monumental coromandel screen for a backdrop – Not only a highly refined aesthetic statement that would elevate any well designed interior, this elegant statue would certainly make for a powerful daily reminder of one’s own very best potential!

I’m sporting a white cotton pinstripe jacket by Gucci, Turnbull and Asser shirt is cotton purple gingham, lavender Glenn plaid cotton pocket square is by Tom Ford, white Diesel jeans, black patent leather belt with silver leather trim and grommets and white loafers both by Gucci.


  1. Dean says:

    WOW ! You look smashing ! Strangely, this portrait reminds me of that table Albert had in the sunroom at the cottage, the proportion was very similar, even though it was a very simple farm type table, and remember the coconut that Mark (Sciarillo) found and placed there, like some sacred object ! His shaved head was also quite similar to the now sacred coconut… James, ever since i discovered your site, i do feel like a very enlightened soul, kind of like a “gucci anthropologist” so, thanks so much for that, and your marvelous friendship and inspirational writings.
    Dean Farris, Naples, Fla.

  2. James Andrew says:

    …and THANK YOU Dean, for your well considered and thoughtful comments! Keep them coming.

  3. jpstroman says:

    Hi Mr. Andrew
    your style and taste are so elegant and graceful, i’d just like to tell you that. If you were to come out with a book i’d buy it. James, if you can answer a pressing question for me i’ll be most grateful. Where on earth can i get the brown leather and suede satchel both by Gucci that you have? i’ve looked all over the web and i can’t find it to save my life and i luv that bag you have so much. every one here in ny seems to have it, i keep seeing people with it.

  4. I want to squeeze you! Hope you are well. Tx

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