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D. Porthault – A Must Attend Event!

D. Porthault

D. Porthault Sale!

So excited about the upcoming D. Porthault Semi-Annual Sale.

Starts Monday June 14 – save the date!

With discounts of 40% to 90% off I’ll be purchasing truck loads of linens for both myself and my clients.

What a fabulous opportunity to start or add to your collection of D. Porthault, “The Linen of Queens.”

I look forward to seeing you there.


  1. Simon says:


  2. Dean says:


    Thanks for the reminder ! Tres’ CHIC

    Dean in Florida

  3. Christian Fuchs says:

    I am too far 🙁

  4. CalĂș says:

    CanÂŽt wait!!!!!!!

    Lots of Kisses


  5. Travis says:

    Sooo excited about it!

  6. Pearl Hammond says:

    How amazing!!!!!!!

  7. Tom Cavendish says:

    Your clients will be very happy!

  8. JJ Good says:

    Nice commercial.

  9. James Andrew says:

    Hello JJ Good,

    Not sure I am clear on what you mean by “Nice commercial”

    Typically a commercial is some form of paid advert, sadly WIJW was not compensated for the D. Porthault sale announcement.

    However we do welcome advertisers, sponsors etc if we feel there would be a synchronicity of spirit.

    Bloggers put a tremendous amount of work, effort, soul and passion into what they are sharing with their readers.

    Sadly many of my fav blogs have decided to shut down- IE: http://aestheteslament.blogspot.com/

    It was no longer worth the effort to continue without receiving any form of compensation.

    Every other form of media receives compensation so why not blogs?

    Thanks for bringing up this very topical issue.



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