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Crisp, Clean, Clear Color

James Andrew - photo Gabriel Everett

James Andrew - photo Gabriel Everett

While designing at Parish-Hadley Inc., I learned a great deal from my friend and mentor Albert Hadley. First and foremost was the importance of establishing a point of view, an aesthetic, (and then to hold to that initial point of view throughout the process!). One would then proceed by getting the “bones right,” that is, by creating a great architectural foundaton before beginning to decorate. After this, one would develop a color palette, using “crisp, clean, clear colors,” as Hadley put it, to dispel “gloom,” and to guarantee a fresh look and a pleasing environment. Of course this is not to say that there was a limited set of prescribed colors one was to choose from. On the contrary, Hadley used a full range—from soft neutrals (he loved beige) to dark creosote brown, and from vibrant reds to aubergine and dark leaf greens, all wonderfully juxtaposed and perfectly balanced to create some of the most iconic interiors of our time.

Building an interior methodically like this, one can be confident of success. These days, I’m proud to reference these vital lessons and many more Hadley shared with me in creating soothing, joyful, and beautiful interiors for my own clients!

A Don Robertson painting from the 70’s provides a rather vibrant backdrop for today’s photo by Gabriel Everett. I’m sporting a Tom Ford “Spencer” jacket in tangerine silk basket weave, lavender micro herringbone weave silk pants, sand colored suede loafers and a abstract silk floral pattern pocket square, Turnbull and Asser purple gingham cotton shirt, Gucci python belt with silver buckle, vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch and my fragrance is Creed Orange Spice.


  1. Brad says:

    Hadley had it right. You’re very fortunate to have worked with him.


  2. James Andrew says:

    Dear Brad,

    It was the design equivalent to attending Harvard Business School.



  3. Dean says:


    Keep the torch burning!


  4. James Andrew says:

    Dear Dean,

    I would be beyond honored!



  5. Matt says:

    Always love it when you are wearing color. The orange, lilac and pink jackets are amongst my all time favorites of your wardrobe. Wearing color definately makes the world a better place!

    Hugs Matt

  6. James Andrew says:

    Thanks Matt,

    I love color and love it when men are not afraid to be bold and beautiful!



  7. Charles says:

    James, You are a bright and shining light and your ideas are wonderful.
    I’m older…72…and have always loved dressing well. Was “BEST DRESSED” superlative in my high school class of ’59! I try to stay current and a bit trendy and you are a great help. Thanks.

    BTW, don’t I remember, sometime past, that you had photos of your home on the site? Maybe my brain is fabricating things, but I feel sure that happened. If so, please post that article again!


  8. James Andrew says:

    Dear Charles,

    I love the idea of being stylish and sexy at any age.

    I have a dear friend in her 80’s with a terrific figure always looks quite chic and fashionable.

    So happy to hear I offer a bit of help and inspiration, I love challenging ideas on how men should dress.

    You are entirely correct, I have featured images of my apartment here on WIJW?

    I will try and find a link for you.



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