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Creed Bois de Cedrat

Creed Bois de Cedrat.

Whether I’m creating a fine interior for someone or planning my wardrobe, I’m always looking to stimulate all of the senses. Needless to say, I do spend some time addressing olfactory concerns, and when coordinating my wardrobe, choosing the right fragrance is a must. Spring will quickly spill into Summer and as the weather warms I like to wear a lighter fragrance. One of my favorites is the fresher than fresh Bois de Cedrat by Creed. It’s a delicious mix that includes Sicilian lemon and cedar wood.

Georges Braque

As with many of the Creed fragrances Bois de Cedrat has a history – In fact the great Cubist painter Georges Braque who had a house near the Creed family preferred this particular Creed blend. Interestingly Braque trained as a decorator early in his career so we do have a certain affinity towards his work, and we’re not ashamed to say that on aesthetic merit we’d take a Braque over a Picasso any day! – but that’s a discussion for another post. In any case I’d like to think that a splash of Bois de Cedrat brings a bit of Braque’s heightened sensibility to any Summer outfit I wear.


  1. Dean says:

    Dear James,

    Thank you for informing me about G. Braque ! I had no idea he started out as a decorateur… very interesting. Love the Creed line too, this fragrance sounds very warm and refreshing for Spring/Summer….

    Dean in Florida

  2. Jane Ellenborough says:

    I am sure you always choose the right fragance!



  3. Christiane von Könemann says:

    Ich mag Creed sehr sehr gerne. Dieses Parfum wär ein gutes Geschenk für meinen Mann……

    Liebe Grüsse


  4. Lola Montes says:

    Las fragancias de Creed son maravillosas, no he probado hasta ahora ninguna que no me guste!



  5. Love Braque, and I agree, I’d take some of his analytic paintings over Picasso.

    Interesting anecdote, it seems to be the perfect summer fragrance!

  6. Secret Admirer says:

    uber fab!

  7. Eugenia Drummond says:

    My ex boyfriend used always Creed, one of the most delicious fragances!

  8. Tom Cavendish says:

    Dear James,

    This story about Braque is very interesting, thank you for sharing!



  9. Susan says:

    Love the blog ! But… where are you ? X

  10. Travis says:

    I was looking for a new fragance, I should try this!

  11. Johann Graf von Auersperg says:

    Lieber James,

    Wie geht es Dir? ich war schon wieder unterwegs, jetzt bin ich zurück zu WIJW! Sehr interessant, Creed ist toll finde ich!

    Alles Gute,


  12. Maria Paula says:

    Siempre me ha gustado Creed, me gusta su estilo y tradición!

  13. Edie B. says:

    Hello James darling,

    My mother loved Braque, she was a really big fan of him…….



  14. Christian Fuchs says:

    Bois de Cedrat could be the right fragance for me, I´ll get one!

  15. Dagmar von Schwarzenberg says:

    Ich liebe alle Creed Parfums mein lieber James! Was sind Deine Osternpläne?

  16. Simpática says:

    Hola James,

    No sabía esa historia gracias por contárnosla!

  17. littleaugury says:

    I’ve developed an even better appreciation for this fragrance with the additional note of Braque added. The lemon is the trick,perfect for summer.

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