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James Andrew

James Andrew

I started WIJW with the idea that there was a fundamental connection between one’s personal sartorial splendour and one’s interior design aesthetic. Whether dressing oneself, or decorating a room, there are definitely many mutual considerations. In interior design, one begins by attending to the architecture — one gets it as good as it can be — and then the planning and furniture arrangements are sorted out. Here one begins to establish a palette and the kinds of fabrics that’ll be used. To contiue with our comparison, when one dresses, one thinks about the place, season, and the nature of one’s day or evening plans, etc.— it’s just so when planning a room — one thinks about the essence of place, it’s architecture, setting, intended use, etc, and from this, one creates a design that is suitable for a client. Really, I don’t see any real boundaries between various design diciplines. For me, there is always some crossover between fashion and the interiors I create. In fact, I often glean inspiration for a particular interior color palette from clothing fashions I see and wear.

My own ensemble today is a marvelous mix of chartreuse and indigo that I think would make for a super chic color combination in the creation of a ravishing room! I just adore chartreuse and find it works well with almost any color.

My Sunday afternoon ensemble consists of a Tom Ford era Gucci chartreuse suede safari jacket, Gant by Michael Bastian olive cotton safari shirt, Burberry Prorsum indigo ikat pants, Tom Ford woven olive suede espadrilles, vintage Rolex, Gucci chartreuse python belt with silver double horse head buckle, and my fragrance is Tom Ford Oud.

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  1. J’ dore!!!


  2. Dean says:

    It’s a look!

  3. La Contessa says:

    I just picked up a woman who lived in a grey and Chartreuse house.Her words too I kid you not,”don’t you think chartreuse is a basic color it can go with anything?”I had to agree as I ran down my own list of colors it would look superb next too!

  4. James Andrew says:

    My Darling La Contessa,

    My eyes shift from hazel to blue to green – so when I am near chartreuse – my eyes turn the loveliest shade of green.

    I just love the name “chartreuse”!

    Much Love


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