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CASA KIMBALL …quintessence of luxury

Casa Kimball - photos by Paul Warchol

Casa Kimball - photos by Paul Warchol

It’s rare that one comes across a place that is so perfect on every level – The fortuitous collaboration between my super chic friend Spencer Kimball and his brilliant New York based architect Jasmit Rangr produced just such a place and it’s called Casa Kimball.

Dramatically situated on a cliff on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, every vantage at this private villa celebrates the great unobstructed expanse of the Dominican ocean, sky, and rugged coast. Clad entirely in local “Coralina” stone of varying textures Rangr strikes a flawless balance between his ultra modernist International Style inspired design and a firm connection to the natural splendor of the site.

James Andrew at Casa Kimball

James Andrew at Casa Kimball

Luckily for all of us, when Kimball is not in residence, he has made it possible to rent Casa Kimball – imagine something like having your own private Amanresort, complete with eight full suites – and all with mind blowing views of the ocean and an incredibly attentive staff. Oh and lest you yearn for more familiar sights and sounds, there is an absolutely state of the art audio setup, and media center. Needless to say Casa Kimball makes taking your getaway experience to that quintessential level a completely doable thing – visit their site to book.

Casa Kimball simply exudes luxury in every sense, and I felt quite the James Bond (pictured above), with strains of Madonna’s latest, “Celebration,” in the background seductively ushering in cocktail hour – I’m wearing a Yves Saint Laurent black cotton poplin shirt with band collar and flap pockets, white cotton/linen sateen flared leg pants by Gucci, black leather braided belt also by Gucci, KVA sunglasses by Oliver Peoples, and black leather sandals by Christian Louboutin.

I think I’ll make a few more posts devoted to Casa Kimball, and I hope you’ll indulge me – Its just this place has us at WIJW pretty seriously jazzed.


  1. Dean says:

    James ! How stunning. I enjoy seeing you in different locales. Great photograph !

  2. Bruno says:

    WOW! Incroyable! The place is really impressive as your outfit which is as chic as the villa! I love contrasts on the photo! I’m also really happy discovering your Louboutin! Can’t wait reading your future posts about Casa Kimball!!

  3. Christian Fuchs says:

    Dear James,

    Everything sounds so incredible. I can totally imagine having a relaxing time at the terrace of Casa Kimball enjoying its wonderful views. How amazing would be a 70s party there, everyone wearing magnificent outfits and you being our host during this fab experience…….

    Best Regards


  4. Christian Fuchs says:

    James! How could I forget to say how “mag” you look with this outfit! I´m sure you inspire many people with your elegant lifestyle!

  5. Wendy Chao says:

    This place is so incredible – I am speechless!

  6. Well, I’d just asumed this was a snap of you having a quiet weekend chez James, and this was you just nipping out to call the cat in for the night – how silly of me.

    Those Gucci flares are tremendous.

  7. James Andrew says:

    Thanks to all for excellent thoughts!

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