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Carlton Hobbs

James Andrew at Carlton Hobbs.

James Andrew at Carlton Hobbs. photo by Lars Stephan.

I’m pictured here in a spectacular mansion designed by the legendary John Russell Pope for Virginia Graham Fair Vanderbilt in the early 1930’s, which now houses the iconic Carlton Hobbs‘ exceptional collection of 18th and 19th century British and Continental antiques and art. This splendid showcase was lovingly restored to its original historical splendor by Hobbs and his longtime business partner, Stefanie Rinza, with the help of a select group of imported master craftsmen and artisans from the UK.

At times Hobbs seems more a museum curator than an antiques and art dealer – in fact Hobbs has his own research department, and absolutely every acquisition has impeccable provenance and attribution. It’s no wonder that many of Hobbs’ fine pieces have been placed worldwide in some of the most prestigious museums and private collections.

Hobbs juxtaposes works from a wide range of periods yet manages to effortlessly integrate all quite seamlessly. Needless to say, a visit to his gallery is a deeply gratifying and unforgettable aesthetic experience.

Henry Moore table at Carlton Hobbs

Henry Moore table (1963) at Carlton Hobbs.

Moore table top.

Moore table top.

(above and left) Of particular note is this stunning and rare dining table. Designed by Henry Moore in 1963 for the living room of his home in Forte dei Marmi, Italy, this is the only piece of furniture ever created by Moore!

Mond by Julius Grimm 1888 at Carlton Hobbs.

Mond by Julius Grimm 1888 at Carlton Hobbs.

“Mond” by Julius Grimm 1888 – a remarkable depiction of the surface of the full moon which mirrors the Moore table quite poetically.


(left) An extremely Fine Bois satine and brass mounted library
cabinet by Alfred Porteneuve, 1935 – Porteneuve was a nephew of Rulhmann.

I can’t wait for my next visit to Carlton Hobbs!

(top) I’m sporting an aubergine silk/cotton peaked lapel jacket, wool/cotton checked pant in purple, camel and brown and a purple and white cotton stripe shirt with contrast white collar and French cuffs all by Gucci, vintage moonstone cuff links, brown wool tweed tie and purple alligator belt with sterling buckle from Ralph Lauren, vintage silk pocket square in brown and camel, brown suede cap toe shoes also by Gucci.


  1. Mitch says:

    I am really loving this season’s outfits. This one is definitely a classic and I’m not a particular fan of purple.

  2. SorenRomer says:

    I must say: In my book James Andrew is the best dressed male on earth! His style is clear-cut and unmistakeable, and the sense for detail is magnificent. Two thumbs up!

  3. Eugenia Drummond says:

    What a wonderful collection this is!

    love from Brazil


  4. Tom Cavendish says:

    the henry moore table is my favorite!



  5. Dean says:

    Hmm… beautiful images from a beautiful man ! Thanks James.

    Dean Naples, Fla.

  6. Bruno says:

    You’re always visiting wonderful places, this one is beyond!

  7. Love it! Your outfits just get better and better.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Edie B. says:

    Hello Dear!

    I would love tho have the mond! Do you want some racoons? I´m sure this mansion is fantastic it reminds me of my granny´s house in the Hamptons…….



  9. Monaco Girl says:

    You look so elegant, I´m sure my red monaco would be perfect for the parking place!

  10. Christiane von Könemann says:

    Mein lieber James,

    Das ist eine wunderschöne Villa, die Lampe finde ich total schön, würde gerne dort wohnen obwohl ich mein Haus am See sehr gerne mag, Du siehst sehr gut aus, aber das ist ja nichts neues oder?

    Herzliche Grüsse

    Deine Christiane

  11. Johann Graf von Auersperg says:

    You are surrounded by beauty…….

  12. Pearl Hammond says:

    You live in a dreamworld!

  13. Abraham V. says:

    I like the door behind you. Also, your gold tie and your handkerchief.

    Great idea …

  14. Jackie@Dollhouse says:

    Just like my dollhouse!

  15. Boden Wells Stephenson says:

    James among such well-pedigreed pieces and so stunning an interior, you really are the most engaging and best-composed work of art in the shot.

    Well done! Kudos you!

  16. A. says:

    I love it, James! Are you busy these days? Can’t get hold of you

  17. Angel says:

    🙂 Wooowwww…

    You look good under the moon light. 😉

    Hasta pronto amigo,


  18. Maria da Gloria says:

    Hello James, you look stunning as always, I love the way you surround yourself by this beautiful environment!


    Maria da Gloria

  19. Maria La Torre says:

    Querido James,

    Qué mansión más maravillosa, las amtiguedades se ven preciosas, pero tú más!

    mil besos


  20. wendy says:

    Every time I say I have a favorite post, you come up with an even better one!

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