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James Andrew - photo: Boris Glamocanin

James Andrew – photo: Boris Glamocanin

A few years ago I was thrilled to be featured in Christie’s magazine – they heaped some pretty tremendous accolades on me, calling me “…interior designer, style icon, and blogger extraordinaire….” In the ensuing years I’ve tried to live up to these words!

As a blogger, trying to be informative, insightful and perhaps even provocative over an extended period time takes no small effort – and arranging photos as well to coincide with my narrative can really be a challenge. I think we’ve all become so used to consuming masses of online content, that at times it’s hard to remember that there are people actually making well-considered original material – not to mention the fact that there is often a whole support team behind the scenes making things run relatively smoothly! I myself rely on a quiver of fabulous photographer friends to help me in my efforts, but sadly many of them have moved out of the city recently, making the work we do at WIJW quite a bit more constricting.

photo by Boris Glamocanin

photo by Boris Glamocanin

Thankfully there are a few ultra-talented artists left here like the brilliant Boris Glamocanin to carry the torch! We just want to say how grateful we are to him and all of the others who’ve contributed so much, and we’d like to remind our lovely readership to occasionally leave a nice comment wherever the winds of the net may take you. And as always we want to thank you for taking the time to check in with us here at WIJW!

For this fab Glamocanin shoot, I’m sporting Tom Ford indigo and ivory silk glen plaid jacket, white cotton shirt and turquoise silk pants, Max Verre denim tasseled loafers, Charvet turquoise silk pocket square, vintage Rolex, Tom Ford “Marco” sunglasses, a bit of Tom Ford Bronzing Gel, and a misting of Tom Ford Neroli Portofino.


  1. LA CONTESSA says:

    IT DOES TAKE WORK and the sizing of the photos, uploading etc takes TIME!You do a MAGNIFICENT JOB in content and photos………..and ESPECIALLY in the GARB you wear!
    I do have ONE little request from YOU…………
    Can I have a smile or a big old LAUGH in one of these photos PLEASE!
    It would be a FUN to see the REAL YOU!
    That’s it CARRY ON………..as you do a SUPERB JOB HERE!

  2. CD says:

    Hello James!

    Congratulations to you and to your most recent photographer Boris Glamocanin!

    While the upper photograph is highly impressive, I found the lower one to be truly extraordinary—more of a contemporary fine arts photograph, where the boundaries between architecture and nature dissipate, where the conditions of figure, ground, transparency and reflection render the image quite enigmatic and hence poetic. This photograph submits the verbal definitions of textile and landscape into brilliant elusiveness.

    On a more lighthearted note, I couldn’t help but think of this image’s association with such swim trunks as Orlebar Brown and Vilebrequin, whereby photographic imagery has become a contemporary aesthetic device of design.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to come across this image in a fine arts gallery or museum in the near future. Or perhaps at an upcoming Christie’s or Sotheby’s auction.

    All the best to your upcoming projects with Boris Glamocanin! I am certain that image after image featured on your site will continue heightening the ties among photography, fashion, architecture, design and art. And contemporaneity within aesthetic permanence.


  3. Charles Allen says:

    James, Don’t ever leave us! You are our standard bearer! Quite by accident a few years back, I stumbled onto “What is James Wearing” and now it is a staple of my online information and inspiration. The model ain’t bad, either! Thanks, and please don’t every leave us without your inspiration!
    Charles Allen
    Daytona Beach, Florida

  4. Well said, “informative, insightful, and yes a little provocative”, James you are indeed compass always pointing toward good style and good taste. Christie’s hit the nail on the head. I’m always please when I pop over to WISJ to get my bearing on what is good!

  5. James Andrew says:

    My Dear La Contessa,

    Thank You!

    I know you of all people understand all that is involved in this endeavor!

    Let me see what I can do about a smile for you! \

    Much Love and All Best


  6. James Andrew says:

    Dear Charles Allen

    So happy to hear you continue to enjoy my musings on smile and taste!

    I am still having loads of fun with this and so enjoy creating the photos etc.

    All My Best


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