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Billionaire’s Row San Francisco

James Andrew - San Francisco - photo Scott McBee

James Andrew – San Francisco – photo Scott McBee

Four days in sensational San Francisco is certainly not enough time for an exploration of the city nor to really have a proper visit with our many friends, but alas four days is what we had and we made the best of it. Wanting to see as much as we could, we spent a goodly amount of time investigating SF’s many diverse neighborhoods.

Petit Trianon a la San Francisco

Petit Trianon a la San Francisco

We were particularly drawn to the so called “Billionaire’s Row” with its surplus of gorgeous properties. It’s actually a pretty nice walking area. I was secretly hoping to perhaps meet a potential client…one never knows. What a thrill it would be to decorate a magnificent mega-mansion like this 1904 homage to Versailles’ Petite Trianon in Presidio Heights, the Koshland Mansion – (apparently the original owners had an Antoinette inspired costume ball opening – WIJW would have loved to bring you that!) – in any case the whole thing had us transported back to our French tour not so long ago.

Despite our limited time, we were happily able to catch up with the ever fabulous Scott Meacham Wood, fellow decorator and author of the fab blog, The Adventures of Tartan Scott. We also had the great pleasure to dine with our newlywed friends at The Slanted Door (another superb Philip Bewley suggestion) which offers a tasty modern take on Vietnamese cuisine. The place also affords truly exceptional views of the Bay Bridge and its mesmerizing Leo Villareal light installation.

Needless to say, another trip to San Francisco is in order and I’m thinking our next visit will have to include the Napa vineyards!

My Seaman Schepps cufflinks.

My Seaman Schepps cufflinks.

Feeling like a billion bucks in my Tom Ford tangerine silk herringbone suit, I’m strolling through “Billionaire’s Row” eyeing potential projects. I’m wearing a white cotton shirt with French cuffs, a silk floral print pocket square and “Cyrille” sunglasses – all by Tom Ford, vintage coral and shell Seaman Schepps cuff links, Rolex watch, Etro orange suede tasseled loafers, and my fragrance is Creed Orange Spice.


  1. CD says:


    Dear James,

    So many thanks for the beautiful photos. I am an absolute lover of the herringbone-patterned fabric, whether it is one of the Tom Ford Gucci era suits I have (I think most of them wool-cashmere-silk blend) or a Bergdorf Goodman or Hamilton/Barneys made-to-measure shirt. This tangerine silk suit, however, opens a new chapter in my narrow knowledge of clothing. Under the spell of Creed Orange Spice, your outfit embodies perfection for this time of August!

    Sorry to be stretching this but there is more to my love of the herringbone pattern I think! In my mind, the texture of your suit alludes to Brunelleschi’s herringbone brick pattern inside the cupola of Santa Maria del Fiore. San Francisco, New York, Florence, … Am I just buried in history?

    Wishing you a magnificent Labor Day Weekend,


    P.S. By the way, I also loved your photo with Mark di Suvero’s sculptures: fascinating chromatic dialogues extending from foreground to background… and more.

  2. those cufflinks are FABULOUS and love that walk -i know the very one!

  3. Dean Farris says:

    Exquisite portrait by McBee, the close-up shot is worthy of being in Men’s Vogue… che bello!


  4. nicola chipps says:

    Delicious, James. You are simply delicious.

    xo ~ Miss Chipps

  5. Wendy Woo says:

    You look right at home on Billionaire row!
    Cufflink perfection

  6. James Andrew says:

    Dear CD,

    Why Thank You!

    I just adore a silk herringbone as well!

    What are your plans for the Labour Day weekend?

    I am looking forward to a bit of catching up right here in town.



  7. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Mr Hurray,

    Men have so little opportunity for jewelry – cuff links are a brilliant way to indulge oneself with precious and semi precious stones.

    San Francisco has such a rich and diverse architectural heritage – I can just get lost wondering the streets in awe.



  8. James Andrew says:

    Dear Dean,

    Mr McB’s talents are just endless!

    I am so blessed to have the gift of his exquisite eye capturing these sensational images.



  9. James Andrew says:

    My Darling Miss Chipps,

    You are so very delicious to say so!!!

    When will you be coming to NYC?



  10. James Andrew says:

    Darling Wendy,

    It is said that if we feel as good as if we had a billion dollars then we are a few steps closer to manifestation.

    I feel a power ball win coming on!



  11. Well! No one has been so attractive in many years!! No one so attractive at Filoli!! No one as handsome at the Museum!

    You just needed to spread your glamour all around!

    (I mean this!!!) It has become a bit stale and old in San Francisco! Just saying………)

    You guys were a breath of fresh air! YIKES!!!!

    There may be a whole group of easterners coming to visit California!

    We will be happy to see them!!

    We sure loved having you darling guys visit!!


  12. RandydeParis says:

    I just love, love that color. It looks great on you!

  13. Nathan Sampson says:

    James, I had to comment on your Seaman Schepps cufflinks – beautiful to say the least. You are making me want to take a trip to San Francisco – my parents favorite city.

  14. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Penelope,

    Well in world that seemingly has abandoned elegance we are certainly loyal disciples – you perhaps being the high priestess of elegance and beauty.

    I can’t wait to return and spread a bit more glamour around California.



  15. James Andrew says:

    Hello RandydeParis,

    Thank You!

    I have been cosmically drawn to it lately.

    All the best,


  16. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Nathan,

    Thank You!

    I used to be a huge fan of Seamen Schepps- however I found them to be less than supportive of all my efforts to promote them- so I am only wearing my vintage pieces – which are indeed quite beautiful.

    I can see why your parents adored San Francisco- what a sublime city!



  17. CD says:

    James Andrew: Willkommen! The Provocateur. High Command. Man of the Season.

    Dear James,

    Sorry it took me a while to respond to your question regarding my Labor Day weekend plans, as I had been busy preparing my Fall semester’s syllabi and quietly declined my family’s invitation to join them in Southampton.

    Yet a few hours ago, as I was leafing through the pages of the current Bergdorf Goodman Magazine, I realized your online diaries provide an equivalent degree of visual and verbal pleasure–except now we receive it on at least a weekly basis, as opposed to a few times annually. Along with the few Tom Ford items in the catalog, an assymetrical-zip Gucci biker jacket in black leather and a Lanvin biker jacket in bounded black lambskin stood out I thought. Overall, however, I was more impressed by the creativity of the women’s pages–breathtaking models, garments, photography and art direction there.

    Happy September!


    P.S. I have no clue why Alexander McQueen’s broken-stripe suit impressed me as well. Am I out of my mind?

  18. James Andrew says:

    My Dear CD,

    How marvelous to be compared to the pages of the BG Magazine!

    I so enjoy creating these images and sharing a glimpse of my journey.

    Inspired by GQ in the late 70’s – the magazine took you to fabulous destinations , with gorgeous people and super chic clothing – you wanted to live that life- it is how I try and approach the images we create here on WIJW?

    Hope your September is off to a spectacular start!



  19. Great article James. Here’s my feature on the Koshland Mansion: http://thesteepletimes.com/opulence-splendour/going-under-the-kosh/ Now, that’d be a project for you.

  20. James,
    You’ve inspired me to not be as much of a casual Californian.
    My (California) father was a very elegant dresser with a separate closet for his 36 hats! I’m going to try and emulate both of you – just a bit.
    And I’m so glad you got to meet the Marvelous Penny Bianchi, the godmother to my elegantly attired cats, Puck and Hermie.
    Thank you.
    Bob Schulenberg

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