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James Andrew - autumn attire

James Andrew – autumn attire

It is rather hard to accept that autumn is upon us, with several days now of glorious seventy degree weather…. Of course I, (being a certified heliophile), am clinging to every last vestige of summer …really hating to let it go! But that is not to say that I don’t find ways to enjoy these inevitable East Coast climatic shifts and the changes of wardrobe that must come with them. It probably won’t surprise you that I start to think about the new sartorial season well in advance—I look for articles that might be missing, and I also consider how I might adapt some of my existing wardrobe collections to create fresh new looks. It’s quite a bit like cooking—combining go-to cupboard items with a few particularly seasonal ingredients to make something new and delicious!

Antique agate Scottish Victorian cuff links

Antique agate Scottish Victorian cuff links

For instance, take cuff links. I realized I had a bit of a void in this department. I really needed a few less formal yet still elegant sets to sport with tweeds, tartans and plaids. Happily this pair of Scottish Victorian agate cuff links turned out to be just the thing—a particularly smashing way to compliment typically Scottish-style fabrics. I had seen an almost identical pair some years ago and always regretted not having purchased them, so when I spotted this pair through a dealer in the UK, I snapped them up promptly.

Here I’m giving you a quick sneak peak of how I might wear them in the not too distant future…Tom Ford charcoal tweed jacket, teal cotton plaid shirt, and teal cotton corduroy pants, and of course these handsome cuff links pop the whole look up quite well, don’t you think?!

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  1. James Andrew says:

    Dear Alexx,

    Well you know what they say- God is in the details!



  2. James darling,

    The colours are some of my faves- like the 18th century silks one sees in paintings by Gainsborough or Romney- lovely!


  3. Matt says:

    Those cufflinks are to die for – an excellent find !!!

  4. James Andrew says:

    Why Thank You Mr Farris!

    This gorgeous shade of teal is most appealing!



  5. James Andrew says:

    Dear Matt,

    They are really quite terrific!

    They have an almost elegant rusticity about them- I feel like I am heading for the Highlands while wearing them- getting back to my roots perhaps.



  6. CD says:

    Dear Certified Heliophile,

    I think shades of teal are surreal means of a transition into the heart of October. Teal can impart a mystical impression indeed, as it does in your sneak peak above.

    However, for the past full month my dilemma had been the extent to which creams, ivories and bieges could still be valid, given the magnificent seventies we have been–and shall continue–experiencing. I too seem to end up forgotting it is autumn and hence postpone optical and tactile shifts.

    By the way, congratulations for the impressive interior projects you have accomplished!

    Awaiting your invaluable advice on the excusable summertime colors for the next few days,


  7. James Andrew says:

    Dear CD,

    Thank You your eloquent comments and feedback are always such a joy to read!

    I think Autumn should be moved to November- perhaps with climate change – the crisp cool Autumn weather does not begin until then.

    SO I say – dress for the weather – if it feels like Summer well then dress for Summer – I make some minor changes – perhaps I stop wearing linen and other very Summer types of ensembles and sport more transitional kinds of looks – white jeans with light weight cashmere jackets, cottons and light weight wools.

    So happy to hear you enjoyed a glimpse of some of my interior design work- I originally started this blog as a blatant act of self promotion- A New York City based interior designer jet setting about the world for his clients – sharing musings on style and taste. So it is perhaps a good idea to share more of what I do.

    All my best!


  8. CD says:

    Dearest James,

    So many thanks for your sartorial acumen.

    We no longer have to decode a stranger’s glance or sublte smile on Madison Avenue as necessarily a critique of ourselves as dilettante lotharios when in lightweight wool cream and wheat in the midst of a sunny and warm October afternoon.

    Big hug!


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