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James Andrew Interior Designer

James Andrew Interior Designer

As an interior designer, I’m always on the prowl for the most unusual and wonderful things for my clients (and for my own collection!). For me, the hunt is certainly a big part of the fun. Design and decoration is a bit of a puzzle and there is a lot of problem solving as well. A good designer creates an environment that should not only make his or her client’s life more attractive but should also make him or her feel and function a little better. Part of that has to do with delagating much of the work of creating a beautiful and elevated interior to a professional. With a well trained eye, interior designers are constantly out and about putting the pieces of the puzzle together and a major factor in deciding to hire a designer is having access to his or her resources. Needless to say, if the designer has been in the game as long as I have, there is tremendous depth to that list. In fact, a professional can save a client from making some expensive mistakes (yes, buying a room full of furniture sight unseen on the internet is invariably a really bad idea). A trained eye can scout out the most sublime things in a sea of the ordinary and bring those things to bear on a particular interior. Nothing brings me more pleasure than seeing a client’s face light up as I present him or her with the rare and unusual things that I track down on my global jaunts. What I’m trying to say is the whole DIY thing just doesn’t make make much sense to me, especially if one has the means to hire a professional! (Have you ever attempted to cut your own hair? I’m going to take a longshot guess and say it probably didn’t turn out that well, right?). Do consider working with a designer on your next interior project — it’s really the only way to go!

Dressed for a prowl around town, I’m sporting a Tom Ford royal and ivory glen plaid silk jacket, ink and white dot print cotton shirt , Charvet Paris silk pocket square in a navy and cobalt retro print, black alligator belt with sterling buckle from Ralph Lauren, Uniqlo dark denim jeans, Pierre Hardy cobalt suede demi boots, vintage Rolex, and my fragrance is Tom Ford Costa Azzura.


  1. CD says:

    This is so true James: “A good designer creates an environment that should not only make his or her client’s life more attractive but should also make him or her feel and function a little better.”

    I can perfectly see how your interior concepts and designs are virtual extensions of the impeccably-tailored clothing you always sport. Great photo above!

    The furniture, lamps and objects around you attest to your interior design expertise and connoisseurship.

    As a compliment, I want to tell you that this particular photograph of you brought to my mind Gianni Versace’s portriats by Richard Avedon and other leading photographers of the eighties. It must be the distinct way that a beard frames a face.

    All the best,


    A side note: For some reason AOL is no longer delivering WIJW emails (and a couple of other blogs). I’ve been advised to use a different email service. Until I do that I can simply search WIJW online!

  2. Dean says:


    Great commentary! Well, what I would like, although not based in reality (currently) is to hire several designers to design my personal residences-
    I think the Paleys did this- imagine the fun! I heard from Mario Buatta last week, and he is working in PB right now on a 40 room house.
    I would have Mario do my country house, (near his in CT) and ask you to do my beaux arts townhouse apartment in the city, similar to the one Angelo Donghia had in the east 70’s, if I couldn’t buy the old Bunny Mellon townhouse on E 70th St. Carolyne Roehm would do my Charleston carriage house in the French Quarter.
    Wish me luck with these aspirations!


  3. William says:

    The outfit and the beard are perfect! Well done sir.

  4. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Cd,

    I agree entirely! Our homes should be extensions of who we are – a rather soulful expression. An environment that makes ours lives a bit more beautiful.

    One’s “Sartorial Splendour” is really a calling card of sorts – giving a glimpse of who we are- that we take great care and show respect to those around us.

    Thanks for all your support and kind words! The beard has been fun – we shall see how long it lasts.



  5. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Dean,

    I love your fantasy and I am so thrilled that you have included me! One never knows- realities can change in an instant so why not have some outrageous fantasies.

    Much Love


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