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A Ravishing Road Trip

wijw expedition california

A wedding in the San Francisco area has us here at WIJW along with our very own Scott McBee heading West shortly.

It has been some time since we’ve been in Los Angeles as well, and so we thought why not do a classic California road trip – San Francisco to Los Angeles, with some well considered stops along the way.

Our itinerary:

We arrive in San Francisco August 9th and we’ll be connecting with new and old friends alike. We’ll be exploring SF’s cuisine and sites… and we’re quite excited to see the Filoli Estate just outside of the city.

Then we’re off to Carmel where we’ll be staying at The Cypress Inn and exploring the chic little town.

We’re planning to be in Big Sur on the 14th, with a luncheon at the Post Ranch Inn, and then an adventure to the Hacienda, a hunting lodge designed by architect Julia Morgan for William Randolph Hearst.

The 15th will find us spending the day exploring Hearst Castle San Simeon, then making our way to the Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara which will be base from which to explore Montecito and Santa Barbara. Lotusland and Casa del Herrero are at the top of our list of sites to see.

On the 18th we will make our way to the City of Angels, stopping to explore The Getty Villa on the way. The Thompson Hotel will be our home base in Los Angeles. We can’t wait to see all of our West Coast friends!

We’re still putting the finishing touches on our itinerary, perhaps some of our readers have few suggestions for us as well?

Needless to say, the rolling rack is out and I’m planning some extremely colorful ensembles!

⚜ ⚜ ⚜


  1. Mark S. Flood says:

    I am sure you will be able to squeeze me into your suitcase and sneak me along with you! Haha!
    This trip sounds sensational! Will you be driving? If so, I do hope it will be an open top vintage no. I am looking forward to seeing some wonderful photographs of your handsome self in beautiful surroundings! Needless to say I do not think you will disappoint us!

    Much love

  2. James Andrew says:

    Mark my dear boy,

    Sadly I am not bringing my LV steamer trunk with which I could sneak you along.

    We will be driving and yes hopefully in a super chic covertible.

    I am looking forward to you guiding us through Ireland!



  3. Dean Farris says:


    Have fun! Pull a Michael Taylor, and rent a Rolls corniche convertible for at least a day or two- even though they are not “eco-chic” they are still over the top fab-


  4. La Comtesse Lola says:

    Such exciting news! Penny has promised to keep me in the loop, as to the where, when etc of your Royal Visit!

    Meanwhile, safe travels, enjoy and just for the record, I’m with Mr’s Flood and Farris-I trust you will find a vehicle that will allow a Royal nod and wave to all, and yes, that would probably be best topless!

  5. Meridith says:

    Please visit the San Ysidro Ranch and/or The Biltmore when you come to Santa Barbara, far superior to the Bacara! Welcome to our city.

  6. James Andrew says:

    My Darling Comtesse Lola,

    We will be arriving in Santa Barbara/Montecito on August 15th, staying at Bacara.

    So far we are visiting Lotus Land the morning of August 16 and Casa del Herrero on the 17th.

    Dinner at Bochon on the 16th.

    Other than that nothing planned- but would be lovely to meet/see you all.

    I look forward to any other suggestions you may have as well.

    Cheers and Many Thanks


  7. May I take you two and Lola to lunch at the Coral Casino on either the 16th or 17th??

    Have you made reservations at Lotusland and the Casa??

    If not; I would be happy to!

    We can’t wait to see you! I hope you will have time to come see our house! (it is 5 minutes from the Coral Casino!!

  8. James Andrew says:

    Dear Meridith,

    Thank You!

    I was not able to get rooms at The Biltmore or the San Ysidro Ranch, so the Bacara seemed to be the best remaining option.

    I am looking forward to having lunch at the Coral Casino however.

    Do let me know what are the must see/do in Santa Barbara.



  9. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Penelope,

    Lunch with you both would be lovely!

    How about the 17th- we are planning on seeing Casa del Herrero in the AM, so lunch after would be perfect and yes of course we would LOVE to see your house.

    Let me know the best way to be in touch.



  10. the 17th will be perfect!

    We are looking forward to it! You will enjoy seeing the Coral Casino (completely redone by Peter Marino………a total restoration…..of what was built by the sea in 1939! Not one bit of “gilt nor gaudy”!!)
    Newell Turner (I took him to lunch with Scott Schy when he was in charge of photographing our house…for House Beautiful.)…..Newell said…..” You know, I see just about everything. I don’t see ‘perfect’ very often.’ This is!”

    We will have some fun!! Lola is so much fun!

    I have reservations on the 17th……Coral Casino…..lunch…..tour of my house (it is not big….will not take long…..I am telling the chickens…..they are so excited!)

    I think you will LOVE Santa Barbara! I think you will return!

    Just a guess!!!



  11. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Penelope,

    How very sublime, I have heard of the Coral Casino and I can’t wait to experience it with you and Lola.

    Equally excited to see your lovely home and the chickens.

    We were told to have dinner at Bochon- so we have a rez on the 16th.

    What would be a fab lunch spot after Lotusland on the 16th?

    I have been told to have dinner at Lucky’s or Molly’s – what would you suggest for our dinner on the 17th?

    Do you know the Wright S. Ludington house by Lutuh Maria Riggs- would love to see.

    I adore Newell and I am sure I will be falling in love with Santa Barbara.

    Love and Light


  12. Dean Farris says:


    I see a CA JAID office opening up soon…

    Dean 🙂

  13. James Andrew says:

    Darling Dean,

    So funny that you say that!

    JAID is exactly what I am abbreviating my company name to.



  14. Edith Lord-Wolff says:

    Hi James & Scott,
    I’ll Be in Carmel while you are visiting…It is car week…You will see more incredible cars than you can imagine! Maybe we can get together. Take you for a hike up our hill in the Carmel Highlands.Would love to see you, and have you meet my husband Peter who is just launching his website and new book “Vows of Treason” http://www.peterlordwolff.com. My cell#831 9179826 Sunshine and Love, Edith

  15. nicola chipps says:


    Never shall you want for a wonderful meal on your ravishing California road trip, so might I offer one of the many recommendations you shall receive?

    Perhaps after a drive through Pebble Beach, upon returning to Carmel, there’s a favorite spot for a weary traveler’s revival.. linger on the terrace for a little charcuterie and a glass of vino!


    Miss Chipps

  16. Darling James! I do have a dinner suggestion…..for dinner on the 17th!

    It may seem redundant……however; it isn’t! (you have to trust me on this!!)

    “Tydes” is upstairs at the Coral Casino. (It is a different world; I promise you!!) it is the most beautiful restaurant I believe in the United States…….You will see the sunset…..and up and down both ways the coast! I hope you will join Adam (my husband) and me there Saturday night!

    It reminds me of the “Eden Roc”!! (hotel du cap d’antibes)!
    Completely restored by “Peter Marino” beautifully. Perfectly!

    I am happy to make reservations anywhere else you would like!

    I am dying for you to meet Adam!


    ps I will send to you poste haste….the very first thing ever on the internet about me!! (We met in NYC because of David Patrick Columbia) a DEAR FRIEND…..and my very first appearance on the internet was this!!


    Before I knew how to “google”; this was on NYSD! And Jeff Hirsch was kind enough fetch it and put it back!

    You will get a kick out of it! I remember meeting you in that divine
    house… with David Patrick Columbia!!!…(a Vanderbilt house …or something house owned by an antique dealer) and they had photographed your apartment that week!! (NYSD had photographed!) I was already a fan……but I didn’t recognize you!

    Now; of course everyone does!!

    We were in that amazing marble stair hall!

    (Nothing like our house!!)

    California is excited for your arrival!


    ps rumor has it…….you will be on to Dawnridge……….Lordy!

    Hutton and Ruthie are my very favorite Angelenos! We go way, way back!

    We can talk at lunch!!

  17. Charles Allen says:

    Hello, James! I’m green with envy. However, I’ve done that trip twice…once from L.A. to San Fran and once in the opposite direction. You are in for a MAJOR TREAT! Some of the most exquisite scenery on God’s planet earth! Hope you have sunshine and blue skies all the way. Look forward to the “grand report” when you return.

    Charles Allen
    Daytona Beach, Florida


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