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Cecil Beaton

Cecil Beaton in his drawing room at Reddish House in Wiltshire, England. Photograph by Arnold Newman.

Many considered Cecil Beaton to be the ultimate aesthete – I know I certainly do! Artist, photographer, writer, costume designer – he was a true Renaissance man. Much has been written about him, yet astonishingly, his personal wardrobe has been nearly completely overlooked – until recently, that is! Through Benjamin Wild’s tremendous tome, A Life in Fashion: The Wardrobe of Cecil Beaton, we are given a glorious glimpse into the evolution of Beaton’s personal style, from the 1920’s right on up until his passing. Each period is documented with stunning photographs and engaging recollections. Beaton was a master of an elegant and eclectic mix of styles – I’m particularly fond of his Austrian jackets!


The author, Benjamin Wild, has gleaned wonderfully pithy words illustrating Beaton’s approach to fashion. Take for instance: “I don’t want people to know me as I really am – but as I’m trying and pretending to be.” How perfect!

A Life in Fashion: The Wardrobe of Cecil Beaton is a must-have addition to one’s library and a most excellent summer read!


  1. Dean says:


    HOW DELICIOUS! The perfect new tome for you my boy. What an interesting topic for a book- the power of fashion and style never fades, it provides an endless inferno of inspiration and divine elevated living!


  2. LA CONTESSA says:

    OFF TO PURCHASE!!!!!!!!

  3. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Dean

    Yes it sure is a most perfect tome for me- I have always enjoed Beaton – so it was a natural for me to share this book!


  4. James Andrew says:

    Darling La Contessa,

    You will J’adore this one!!!

    Much Love


  5. I do need to read this. His photography really unparalleled and I can only image the man behind the camera being equally as interesting a subject.

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