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The Lyford Cay Club Second Annual Design Weekend

James Andrew at Lyford Cay

James Andrew at Lyford Cay

If I haven’t made it clear by now, I’ll say it again, I am just wildly crazy about Lyford Cay!

This impossibly chic bastion of old world manners, charm, elegance and sophistication is always beckoning me back, and so it goes without saying that the Second Annual Lyford Cay Club Design Weekend was a not to be missed affair—and with honorary chairperson, Newell Turner, we were guaranteed a wonderfully edifying weekend!

First off was a tea and guest book signing. Later came cocktails and a superb lecture by legendary interior designer, Nina Cambell, followed by a screening of photographer and film maker Bruce Weber’s “The Life of Elizabeth Taylor.” The film is a deeply moving tribute to Taylor and I can tell you there was not a dry eye in the house upon its conclusion. (Do see it when you can).

We ended the evening with the most delicious dinner at the Lyford Cay Yacht Club where I had the great honor to be seated at the aforementioned legendary Bruce Weber’s table! It was a thrill to be able to convey to him how inspirational his pictorials in GQ and elsewhere were to me as a younger man in the 70s and 80s and how his work continues to enthrall and inspire me today.

Saturday’s program provided us with tours of selection on distinct and contrasting homes in Lyford. There were eight homes in total on this year’s tour, highlighting the many different styles that exist here, all reflecting a range of aesthetic held by the highly individualistic members of the Lyford Cay Club.

Our tour included my dear friend, Lulu De Kwiatkowski’s family home, “Serendip Cove,” which was originally decorated by Sister Parish and updated by Kwiatkowski with all of her rather fabulous fabrics and bedding – it is one of the most storied homes in the Caribbean with magical tropical gardens and a massive swath of one of Lyford’s most beautiful beaches.

We were also treated to “Bayview,” a magnificent home perched high on top of a ridge overlooking Lyford with the most ravishing interiors by Amanda Lindroth. I hope this property will grace the pages of design magazines soon, as it simply must be seen – a truly monumental project!

Complimenting the tour was “Chelsea House,” the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Bond. It’s a modernist Lyford “cottage” originally built for Sir Guy and Lady Henderson that is beautifully decorated by my dear friend and Lyford host, the impossibly chic John Fondas, who has created a splendid lux modernist tropical retreat to die for.

Our day of design drew to a close with another gorgeous Lyford ritual cocktail hour followed by a designer panel moderated by Newell Turner with designers David Kleinberg, Mary McDonald, Miles Redd and Jennifer Boles—giving us a chance to hear their shared musings on design and inspiration.

A delicious “Elsie de Wolfe” dinner capped off our wonderful Saturday in the main dining room with the most sublime menu created by my brilliant friend, chef Alex Hitz in concert with Lyford Cay’s renowned Chef Pascal.

Lyford Menu

Dressed in suitable dinner regalia (another time-honored and respected Lyford observance), I’m sporting a spectacular Tom Ford “Wetherby” suit in ocean blue wool silk linen melange, white cotton shirt with French cuffs, pale blue silk knit tie by Turnbull and Asser, pale blue, royal and white silk pocket square, pearl and pale blue sapphire cuff links, vintage Rolex, Pierre Hardy cobalt suede demi boots, and my fragrance is Tom Ford Neroli Portofino.

* * *


Tented "Little Club" dining pavilion at Lyford

Tented “Little Club” dining pavilion at Lyford Cay

We are so excited to be flying down for the second annual Lyford Cay Design Weekend!

As guests of our exquisite friend, the impossibly chic John Fondas, we’re sure to have a wonderful time. We’ll be catching up with friends, doing house tours, attending a few lectures, and of course going to some fab dinner parties—I’m particularly excited to be meeting legendary photographer Bruce Weber who’ll be a guest speaker there!

Also my gorgeous friend, Montana Timchula, is scouting out ravishing locations and backdrops for some epic WIJW pictorials as well. Do stay tuned.

Will leave you with an image (above) of the classic “Little Club” tented dining room pavilion to prime you for our forthcoming pics!

* * *

Tropical Beach Retreat – Lyford Cay

James Andrew - Lyford Cay

James Andrew - Lyford Cay

Lyford’s ever-present turquoise waters remind one that this is a rather magnificent tropical beach retreat! One is never far from the sea here; it constantly entices one to enjoy a toe in the sand, to dream, and to stay tan. In the evening, rolling surf soothes one to sleep; come morning, the ionized sea air coaxes one gently to action. The ocean informs nearly everything here, and this is most true of Lyford architecture. While touring the former Paley residence, “Lightbourne House,” for instance, one encounters a layout that makes sense on many levels, but it is the beautiful tropical vistas and seascapes that take center stage—in the drawing room here, a strategically place sofa on axis with a lovely set of French doors framing the sea beyond, creates the most gloriously captivating scene.

For those traveling by sea, there’s the world class Lyford Cay Yacht Club, making it an easy thing to service one’s Wally Mega (and indeed there was one in residence) whilst meeting up with friends for lunch. Incidentally, since we’re on the subject of yachts, our very own marine portraitist Scott McBee was here this weekend to photograph the strikingly handsome yacht, “Black Night,” for a grand painting he’s working on—we can’t wait to see!

With the sublime Caribbean sea and sky as a backdrop, I’m sporting a Tom Ford era Gucci white linen jacket and sunglasses,Tom Ford “Regency” pant in pink and green silk madras check and cotton pink polo shirt, pink and white retro print silk pocket square from Charvet, vintage Rolex watch, braided white leather flip flops by Schettino di Capri and my fragrance is Tom Ford Neroli Portofino.