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May, 2012:


James Andrew, Jefferson Market Garden - photo Gabriel Everett

James Andrew, Jefferson Market Garden - photo Gabriel Everett

There is the notion going around these days that there isn’t necessarily a superbeing out there answering all of our prayers. Whatever the case may be, on a very fundamental level I believe that we ourselves have been endowed with the power to answer our own prayers.

Is it a bit audacious to liken ourselves to gods and goddesses? Please forgive me if you’re offended. Perhaps you’ll agree that at the very least this beats our usual worn out self-image, (and the accompanying feeling that we’re simply treading water—tossed and turned by every wave life offers us!). I don’t know about you, but I find it rather empowering to look out on this grand city and know that there are some pretty amazing creative forces at play—and that so much of what we see and experience in life is the result of the imagination made manifest. Taking this notion a bit further, perhaps even the thought that our next door neighbors have this sort of creative potential can help produce some sense of equanimity within us as well!

We do have the choice to imagine good things and, yes, it is tempting to imagine some not so good scenarios, but we really do have a choice! Why not focus on some rather spectacular things happening in your life? If it is a new home that you want, then start decorating it in your imagination. A better job, more money? Imagine things so. I’m quite certain you’ll find this has an elevating effect. Do take a moment today, (or how about right now!), to imagine the very best scenario!

I’m captured here at the Jefferson Market Garden by the brilliant Gabriel Everett—you’ll see everything is coming up roses…just as I had imagined! I’m sporting a pale pink silk suit by Tom Ford, grey silk glen plaid tie and white cotton shirt with French cuffs, Turnbull and Asser grey silk pocket square, vintage cuff links in shell and coral, black alligator belt with sterling buckle by Ralph Lauren, Gucci black white and silver leather loafers, vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch and my fragrance is Creed Royal Water.

Kips Bay Show House 2012

James Andrew - photo Gabriel Everett

James Andrew - photo Gabriel Everett

Just back from the grand opening of the 40th annual Kips Bay Showhouse 2012. This year finds it on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, at The Aldyn Residences, 60 Riverside Boulevard, in a contemporary apartment building. The space is a refreshing departure from the more traditional townhouse venues, and it works quite well I think—after all, most New Yorkers do live in apartment housing. Needless to say, it was really interesting to see what my colleagues could do with an essentially blank canvas.

Some of my favorite rooms were by fellow Parish-Hadley alumni Brian McCarthy, Bunny Williams and David Kleinberg who paid homage to the legendary Albert Hadley with a gracious drawing room collaboration.

Also of particular note were Todd Romano’s scrumptious brown dining room with a modern day Jansen look, and my friend Shawn Henderson’s absolute jewel-box of a room.

Of course these and many more accomplished rooms beg to be experienced in person, so a personal visit is a must. This is certainly one of the best show houses I’ve seen in years!

On my way to the Kips Bay opening gala, I’m captured by the brilliant Gabriel Everett sporting a Tom Ford “Wetherby” suit in ocean blue wool silk linen melange, a navy and pale blue large polka dot tie, blue cotton oxford shirt with white contrast collar, pale blue sapphire vintage pearl cuff links, vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch, navy and pale blue silk pocket square by Charvet, Tom Ford era Gucci black leather tasseled loafers, Swaine Adney Brigg “Whangee” bamboo handle umbrella, and my fragrance is the very elegant Creed Original Cologne.

White Tie

James Andrew

James Andrew

White Tie is the most formal of men’s dress wear and it’s usually reserved for only the most prestigious balls, society weddings, and state dinners. The elegance of white tie is such a rare treat, I asked myself why not incorporate the idea (albeit with a necktie) into a more casual ensemble? The stark white simplicity of a white tie set against darker colors and/or a bold patterned shirt turns out to be a pretty smashing look I think!

For a triple booked evening, I wore a terrific Tom Ford white silk tie with a midnight cotton dotted herringbone print shirt, a Tom Ford era Gucci navy cotton pique jacket, Battistoni white and navy mini polka dot silk pocket square, J. Brand “Kane” dark denim jean, Ralph Lauren black alligator belt with silver buckle, Gucci navy suede loafers, vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch, my fragrance is Creed Original Cologne, and my coiffure (which happily was quite well received) is by the brilliant Jordan Blackmore.