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James Andrew Palm Beach

James Andrew, Palm Beach

Well, I am back from a rather peripatetic Florida excersion  – with a whole lot of dashing about between Palm Beach, Miami, and Jupiter.

I met so many wonderful new people and I was pleased to touch base with many of my old friends and clients as well. I did manage to get some work done during my visit, and since I’ve been decorating for my Florida clients for quite some years, I’ve amassed a pretty grand list of go-to design resources there. This has become quite handy for filling in some missing pieces that I’ve had a hard time finding here in the big apple.

The fact is, my vocation and vacations are nearly always inextricably intertwined (quite indistinguishable at times). On this trip I had great fun spending a day with a super chic client in Jupiter, who’s magnificent house I’m decorating. We hit all the hot spots in Palm Beach, had a lovely lunch, and then headed over to antique row on South Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach where we scooped up several sensational pieces! I can’t wait to get this project completed – the look I’m going for is total tropical glam. It’ll be a spectacular show-piece to publish.

Photographed on Via Parigi, one of Palm Beaches magical little vias off of Worth Avenue, I’m sporting a Tom Ford mango silk “Spencer” jacket, fuschia cotton/silk pants, abstract floral silk pocket square in pinks, pale pink mini check shirt with French cuffs, Ralph Lauren orange suede espadrilles, vintage Rolex, shell and coral cuff links, and my fragrance is Tom Ford Neroli Portofino.

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  1. Dean Farris says:


    Dixie Highway is my candy store! Love it!

    Dean (Naples)

  2. HOnestly……Jupter Island is the total chic! I love it! My dearest friend; (who lives on Everglades Island in Palm Beach) calls it as she sees it!

    “Jupiter Island is where rich people live and they pretend they aren’t rich”!!

    She is the smartest person……and she hits the nail on the head every time! YES!!

    That may be why I like it so much! It is so understated……lovely….small houses (houses that are properly proportioned!!) and signs on the driveway…..”Rockefeller” ; Reed” (they founded it);
    lots of very aristocratic names (a rarity now!) in small print on driveways leading to lovely understated houses.

    My kind of place! How smart of them to find YOU!!


    You are so chic in shocking and lavender!

    I love PB too!


    I hope you went to Las Bolander’s! He has the chicest store in the world (I am not kidding( and his wife is having a showing of her brilliant butterflies……..(Nadine) the best art…….honestly…..the butterflies are made of feathers……..and these things are the best and most beautiful art I have seen in decades!

    Nadine Kalichnikoff! At a gallery! Do not miss!!



  3. shocking pink and orange! I was looking at another pic!

    You are divine in all colors! The Florida pic…..shocking pink……and orange! Lordy! Where did you find those pants! I need some for Adam!


  4. Shoot! “autocorrect” ! Drives me nuts!

    “LARS BOLANDER” The best shop on the earth…..and his wife has an exhibit……Nadine Kalichnicoff!

    Do not miss Lars shop in West Palm if possible.!


  5. La Contessa says:

    I love the whole outfit!Sounds like your BUSY with work………..which is WONDERFUL!HAPPY SPRING JAMES!I hope the BIG APPLE is warming up for you!

  6. James Andrew says:

    Hi there Penny,

    I just adore Palm Beach- such a pretty town!

    Jupiter Island is just sublime- I do love the spirit of things there and people are still very interested in design and decoration but it is more about the enhancement of their own lives and not about a trophy or ego.

    I did indeed visit Lars Bolander and adore Nadine’s butterflys- I had the great pleasure of chatting with her and seeing so much of her work. Have you been to their magical compound in West Palm Beach.



  7. James Andrew says:

    My Darling La Contessa,

    My trip to Florida was indeed a whirlwind but I had a wonderful time!

    Now busy playing catch up here in New York City.

    Tell me your news!



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