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James Andrew, Maine — photo Scott McBee

James Andrew, Maine — photo Scott McBee

Our wonderful hosts went all out to share the beauty of Maine and the Cranberry Isles with us. The highlight was a splendid tour of the Cranberry Isles via a friends’ motor yacht. For lunch onboard we were treated to a delicious salad Nicoise, “Cipriani” style grilled cheese sandwiches, and bottles of Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars Chardonnay.

A fellow Maine enthusiast.

A fellow Maine enthusiast.

Now, it should go without saying that Maine needs to be seen by water—the pine tree lined cliffs and rocky shores, the grand old homes—it’s all just completely magical from the ocean.

Speaking of magical, as part of our tour we made a stop on Bear Island in hopes of seeing the mythical “fairies” that are said to reside there or perhaps to see some of the fairy houses that people have built for them. In my excitement, I did happen to take a wrong turn and lost my friends (I’m thinking there was possibly some fairy mischief afoot), but whatever the reason, faced with the prospect of being stranded on this little island, I opted to return to the safety of the yacht—the episode had my friends and McBee thinking that I had fallen into a well or some other hideous thing. Happily, though, we were reunited aboard and we celebrated with some dessert and a few more glasses of wine, then back home for a nap and more lobster for dinner!

For our “three hour tour” I dressed in my own Thurston Howell III inspired outfit, “Nantucket” red cotton slim pants by J Crew, Michael Bastian for Gant navy and white rugby style shirt, Gucci royal blue cotton sateen jacket and white leather loafers, white rope belt by Orlebar Brown, vintage white, navy and red silk pocket square, Gucci sunglasses, vintage Rolex watch and my fragrance is Creed Erolfa.


  1. Maine is one of my most favorite places on earth and you have described its many charms so appropriately. You must visit Mt. Desert island for hiking and biking the miles of splendid carriage roads or climb to the top of Cadillac Mountain in the early morning to watch the sunrise.

  2. La Comtesse Lola says:

    Are there any publishers/editors reading this right now? Because James, you really should write a book. American men need you! (and frankly, so do the women). I think young men are really confused on how to dress for the office, life, and yes, the possibly that could throw at you a “three hour tour”. How to be well groomed, and not look stodgy. Still be young. You could do this! You could help America! No longer will American men stand out (but not in a good way) amongst the Milanese, or English, and other such snappy dressers abroad or here in the US. It’s would be a revolution!

    (and then please come over and help me go through my closet!! I’ll make Martinis!)

    And then later…a book on how men and their apartments/homes!

    …just thinking out loud….


  3. Dean says:

    James, I concur with Mr Hampton and La Comtesse Lola, you are very good at getting down the whole idea of a life lived in a luxurious and self affirming way! This post was quite amusing, the idea of you getting lost on “Bear Island” is kind of funny. After being on Capri and Ischia, it would be so ironic! I love your look here! Do you know Leta Foster? She has a place in Mt Desert that was a Roosevelt cottage, she is a decorator in Palm Beach. Check out her blog called Decorating With Sheets.

  4. Kermit Alexander King says:

    Maine is such a beautiful state. I’ve been traveling there for vacations since 1989; my friends and I were fashion design students at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn at the time and one’s father owned a big estate up there. It was so fun getting away from the city whenever we could; I fell madly in love with Maine and have remained so ever since.

  5. James Andrew says:


    It is so amazing to hear all the reactions to my Maine posts!

    It seems to be that quite universally people just adore this magical place.

    I can’t wait to go back!



  6. James Andrew says:

    Dearest La Comtesse Lola,

    I adore you and ALL your wonderful comments and fantastic feedback.

    Yes- I am on board with ALL your incredible ideas!

    Now about that Martini ,

    Cheers and Many Thanks


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