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John Robshaw

James Andrew at John Robshaw textiles.

James Andrew at John Robshaw textiles.

John Robshaw is a must when looking to add a few beautiful touches of the exotic to a fine interior. After earning a degree in fine arts, Robshaw traveled to India to find natural indigo for his paintings, and in the process he fell in love with the indigenous textile tradition and culture there. Subsequently his love affair has grown into a fascinating journey as he searches out textiles, artisans, and craftsmen throughout the world – At his New York showroom you’ll find items from Thailand Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Zimbabwe, and most recently, Bolivia. It’s Robshaw’s mission to blend all of these magnificent multi-cultural elements together to create a line that offers a “vibrant mix of sophistication and romantic allure.” I can say that we at WIJW are happy to share in the fruits of his wonderful quest!

We love Robshaw's business card!

Robshaw's superb business card.

I’m pictured (top) at the John Robshaw showroom in New York city admiring a fantastic silver four poster bed and inlaid bone bench. I’ll be bringing you a closer look at some of these spectacular textiles in an upcoming post. I’m wearing a black cotton corduroy Norfolk style jacket by Gucci, a western style shirt in brown and ivory plaid and floral, python belt with silver double horse head buckle both by Gucci, black skinny jeans by Diesel, brown leather “Chelsea” boot and brown suede and leather satchel also by Gucci, sunglasses are KVA for Oliver Peoples.


  1. Susan says:

    Curiously cool shades – hope you’ve got your dressing gown and slippers in that bag

  2. Monaco Girl says:

    I love exotic stuff!

  3. Freiin von Spiering says:

    Who would not fall in love with such exquisit cultures, they have so much to offer in many different ways…….

    You look awesome James

    Best Regards,

    Marie Freiin von Spiering

  4. Paper Doll says:

    I must say that Robshaw was very very clever!

  5. Secret Admirer says:

    You look so handsome darling, would love to visit those places too…

  6. Absolutely in Love says:

    the mix is the best! love your norfolk style jacket! and of course…….you!

  7. Sabrina Johnson says:

    What an interesting story this Robshaw has! I´m glad he found inspiration at those exotic countries!

    love from South Carolina


  8. A. says:

    Great entry, James! As always

  9. Christiane von Könemann says:

    Lieber James,

    Diese Orte sind unendlich schön ich kann sehr gut verstehen dass J. Robshaw so begeisert war und deswegen viele Sachen gemacht hat.

    Mag Deine Jacke sehr,

    Liebe Grüsse

    Deine Christiane

  10. Super Trooper says:

    The carpets are a dream…….

  11. Alexandra Rhys-Jones says:

    This places inspire me too, I was Cambodia last year and it was absolutely divine, what a lovely time I had there!

    best regards,


  12. your biggest fan says:

    Hello there James!

    I love the way you look! This is truly inspiring!

    Your biggest fan 😉

  13. Bruno says:

    What a beautiful place James, you entirely fit with it! I really love these soft tones!

  14. I love how exotic yet classic the patterns are. Just like you James.

  15. Jackie@Dollhouse says:

    Oh! this looks totally like a Doll house!

  16. Lola Montes says:

    Vaya James! Me encanta el trabajo de Robshaw, es un genio, esos lugares son totalmente inspiradores me encantan a mí también! Luces guapísimo como de costumbre.

    Te mando un beso!


  17. Tom Cavendish says:

    This is great! Would love to have some exotic-design fabrics at home!


  18. Lil´Lilly says:

    Hello James! Love your blog I have heard so much about you…….you have no idea!



  19. Maria La Torre says:

    Querido James,

    Robshaw es un genio me encanta su trabajo. Gracias por alegrar mi día con tus maravillosos posts 🙂



  20. Peter Westcott says:

    James you must take me to John Robshaw the next time I am in your fair city. I love the look of all that pattern on pattern. Whatisjameshearting?

  21. Leo Kempster says:

    I have that exact jacket. Love the website, your dress sense is very inspiring. Keep it up.

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