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Kiel James Patrick

Kiel James Patrick

Kiel James Patrick

We’re pleased to bring you the brilliant designer, and founder of the KJP line of clothing, Kiel James Patrick. A fellow Rhode Islander, he’s the epitome of that special brand of effortless New England style. The KJP fashion line, Patrick tells us via Prepostiy, was born out of the desire to push his high school dress-code bounds. To this noble end, Patrick turned to “Grandpa Henry” and family’s cedar chest to extract a “go to hell” look of “…nautical motif ties, blazers that were truly ‘blazing,’ and pants that Rodney Dangerfield in Caddy Shack would have been proud of.” Long story short, Patrick’s get-up was a hit, and soon he was “…wheeling and dealing clothes out of [his] jeep trunk to bring a bit of country, yacht club peacocking merriment to class.”

Warm Weather - Kiel James Patrick

Warm Weather – Kiel James Patrick

Needless to say, Patrick is a man after our hearts! This budding entrepreneur soon realized that he might do well producing well crafted items of his own, made in America, (and when we say America, we mean Rhode Island), clothing that reflected his distinctive East Coast twist on things. If you share our enthusiasm, why not follow Patrick on tumblr for some pithy musings and reflections—we’re certain you’ll enjoy!

JFK Belt - from KJP

JFK Belt – from KJP

Guilford's  Obedagget Docks - from KJP

Guilford’s Obedagget Docks – from KJP

I myself will be sporting a few of KJP’s beautiful Croffix Sailing Belts which are braided by hand like the traditional Nantucket Sailor’s bracelets. There are some super chic color combinations available and many other wonderful things for gentlemen and ladies alike. Do take a moment and have a look around. I can’t wait to sport these in Maine this summer, and perhaps to bring a little slice of the KJP lifestyle to the city as well!