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Corierre della Sera Style Magazine

Bringing you news of our recent print appearance in the pretigeous Corierre della Sera’s Style Magazine – The CDS is Italy’s most important newspaper! Our particular segment falls in a piece titled Gli Ultimi Esteti – E lo Spirito, Bellezza by Pier Andrea Canei (our Italian is a little rusty but roughly – The Latest Aesthetes – And the Spirit of Beauty).

Hamish Bowles

And we’re in very good company – James Franco graces the cover, and Vogue’s magnificent editor at large, Hamish Bowles, among others, weighs in on all things “beauty” as well. It goes without saying that WIJW is more than a little pleased to have been singled out to add our thoughts on the subject in this pretty serious line-up!

In case you can’t make it to the news stands tonight – we’ve include a translation here. Enjoy!

James Andrew in the Italian Corriere Della Sera Style Magazine

SM Name, age, job:

JA James Andrew – 47 – designer

SM The pretty things (clothes/ objects/ collections, and the like) that make up your world:

JA My home is filled with furniture, art, and objects that have belonged to style icons like the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, and legendary designers like Albert Hadley, Billy Baldwin, and Elsie de Wolfe to name a few – Collecting has not been a passive exercise in acquisition for me though, but rather I seek objects that sooth the soul, enliven the senses, and stimulate the creative psyche. Naturally I’ve extended this world into the interiors I produce for my clients.

I approach life as if I’m creating a film. I think my blog has that feeling – it’s a total sensory experience. I really try to create a complete picture for my readership based on my passion for what I call elevated living. My mission at whatisjameswearing.com has been to bring the finest high-end fashion, interior design resources, architecture, museums, travel, hotels, and food together into one useful, accessible, and entertaining blog site. Everything has to compliment and enhance the overall experience. Of course the thing that ties all of the stories together is my wardrobe. My drawers and closets are brimming full of fine designs. Dressing well is integral to my idea of elevated living – it’s how I celebrate the moment and express my appreciation for the the people in my life.

SM The first memory of experiencing the power of beauty:

JA When I was six or seven years old, I visited the mansions of Newport Rhode Island – the sublime beauty of those places continues to have a profound affect on me.

SM Works of art/ movies/ books/ music/ brands that fit your aesthetic:

JA Art: I love the work of artist friends of mine like Alexander Coster Scott and Scott McBee – I’ve been collecting their work and placing it with my clients for many years. Having a personal connection with artists adds a rich dimension to the work I surround myself with.

Films: Brideshead Revisited (BBC series), Auntie Mame with Rosalind Russell, Funny Face, The Great Gatsby, Cary Grant films, and early James Bond movies.

Books: I have a massive collection of books devoted to the arts, fashion, architecture, interior design, gardening, cuisine, and books on the lives of stylish people – I love books, and select them specifically for their ability to ignite the imagination.

Brands: I’m a huge fan of Gucci, Tom Ford, Charvet, Dior, Seaman Schepps, Rolex, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Creed, Mercedes, Bentley,, Aston Martin, Wally – these are all what I call no-compromise brands.

SM Leading figures/teachers/role models in pursuing a life full of beauty:

JA Cecil Beaton, Elsie de Wolfe, The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Gianni and Marella Agnelli, Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino. and the work of interior designer David Hicks – all iconic taste makers. Today I’m inspired by Tom Ford as well as Hamish Bowles, and I’m continually grateful to my teacher and design mentor, Albert Hadley of the prestigious Parish Hadley Inc..

SM A memory of you feeling your good taste had not been appreciated:

JA Of course one would like to have an approving audience all the time, and happily I’ve had the good fortune to be appreciated more often than not for my particular aesthetic. I do think it is important, however, to make a conscious effort to look within oneself for a sense of personal gratification. Being indignant is not beautiful!

SM Things and/or people who don’t fit your taste at all:

JA I celebrate our diversity.

SM Your aesthetic maxim:

JA Good design is joy expressed with open eyes and an open heart.

SM There is no place in your world for:

JA negativity.

SM And, ultimately, beauty is:

JA that which connects us to our best selves.


  1. Dean says:

    Bravissimo dear James !

    Another blast of pure style and inspiration from a leader in fashion and l’art de vivre ! I truly wish only the best of the best for you my friend. Congratulations once again !

    Dean Farris

  2. littleaugury says:

    that is fabulous, as much as the fashion-the answers. I agree with almost everything you said. Congrats- and in good company too. pgt

  3. Eugenia Drummond says:

    Congratulations James Darling!

    All your fans in Brazil are very happy about this!



  4. matt says:

    Love the monthly style mag from the CDS!
    Now I can’t wait to get a copy of their latest issue.
    Happy to see your interview is accompanied by one of your best photos!!!

    Well done James – big Easter hug


  5. Eleni says:

    Congratulations on your phenomenal feature article and the photograph of you James, gorgeous! My dear friend and incredible stylist, Kendrick Osorio styled James Franco for the cover. Now I have two wonderful reasons to get this issue!! ♥ Eleni xxx

  6. great james, first italy, then the world

  7. Pearl Hammond says:

    Congrats! I loved everything you said in the interview! you are an Icon of elevated living to us!



  8. Christian Fuchs says:

    My dear friend,

    I am so happy about this article in Corierre della Sera’s Style Magazine! You are fabtastic! I am sure there will be a lot of articles about you around the world!



  9. Monaco Girl says:

    WIJW is everywhere!

  10. Christiane von Könemann says:

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch mein lieber James!

    Du bist welweit bekannt! Wann kommst Du nach Deutschland? Wir warten auf Dich!

    Drück Dich


  11. Lola Montes says:

    Maravilloso artículo James! Me encanta todo lo que has respondido, muy pronto estarás en todas las revistas del mundo!



  12. Travis says:

    I love this article! it´s uber fabtastic!

  13. Maria Paula says:

    Felicidades James! todos estamos muy felices de este logro, cada vez eres más famoso, es muy linda la entrevista y sobre todo las respuestas son muy buenas!

    muchos besos

    Maria Paula

  14. Dagmar von Schwarzenberg says:

    Toll mein Lieber! Corierre della Sera’s Style Mag! was kommt jetzt?

  15. Maria Juana de Esquivel says:

    Super James! Muchas felicidades, me encanta todo lo que dijiste en la entrevista, WIJW cada vez está más increíble! No puedo esperar a leer el siguiente post!

    Muchos Saludos,


  16. Jay Gatsby says:

    Congratulations James! Thank you for showing us a better reality and introducing us to the concept of elevated living!



  17. Mara Helmrich von Elgott says:

    Lieber James,

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Ich freu mich so sehr! Sehr interessantes Interview! Du wirst sehr berühmt sein!

    Mit den besten Wünschen,

    Deine Mara

  18. Congratulation is in order darling!
    Stay fabulous*

  19. Maria La Torre says:

    Qué buena entrevista James! Gracias por enseñarnos cuál es el verdadero arte de vivir bien, rodeados de belleza, sin duda en eso eres el mejor!



  20. Absolutely in Love says:

    We are pretty similar James, I used to visit great mansions when I was a child!

  21. Lars stephan says:

    Great our picture got exposure in Italy!

  22. Abraham V. says:

    Exceeeeelennnnte Jameees!!!!

  23. Jerry Kraft says:

    BRAVO! This is terrific. Keep it coming. Thank you! Hugs…..Jerry

  24. it was a pleasure styling James. Osorio

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