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WIJW is off to Madrid, Ibiza, and Majorca!

James playing the matador - Illustration by Scott McBee

As you might have guessed from our banner tonight, WIJW is off on another adventure! We’re quite excited, and we’ll soon be bringing you a bit of the rich culture and beauty of Madrid as well as a taste of the jet set hippie-deluxe-60’s-70’s vibe of Ibiza and Majorca—oh, and you can be sure I’ll be outfitted for the part!

Do not fret while we’re gone though, we’ll be sending you snippets from our expedition along the way—so drop in on us! We’ll be doing a more considered write-up as usual upon our return later this month.

In the meantime, we’re setting the stage with a brilliant illustration by our top notch artist and illustrator, Scott McBee, in a portrayal of me as the matador. Of course we’re specifically paying tribute to the bravura of the matador’s fashion sense, (we are animal lovers as you know). Who else but a matador would have the confidence to wear such over the top couture? We’re also hoping that tonight’s costume might inspire a few of our slightly more conservative gentlemen readers to unleash their own sartorial splendor!

Hasta La Proxima Vez!

– James


  1. Abraham V. says:

    I love that!!

  2. Dean says:


    Wow, what a fabulous trip! Am crazy for Scott’s illustration of you as a matador. Have a great trip!


  3. Brian J Cook says:

    This is great, James! Can’t wait to see all the photos from your trip!


  4. Linda says:

    Excelente! You look so dashing, and now just to find a bull.

  5. James Andrew says:

    Linda ,

    Thank You!

    Perhaps just a “bull shot”



  6. How fabulous is this illustration?! Just brilliant. Have a wonderful time!!

  7. little augury says:

    fantastic! ole!

  8. Bravo! Love Scott’s illustration and, of course, I’m mad about matadors and Spain… you’re going to one of my favorite places, Ibiza!!

    Have a great time!!

  9. Nick Zantop says:

    Watch out for the bulls James!

  10. Jen says:

    Love it! Have you seen a marvelous book called “Costumes of Light” published by Assouline?

  11. Marc de Paris says:

    Congratulations, Scott Mc Bee, for this amazing drawing. Have a nive time in Spain, hoping that you will manage to come and see the exhibition “France” before next fall. Best wishes


  12. fran says:

    Congratulations to Mr. Mcbee, a genious.

  13. Can’t wait to see more fab pics!
    Buen viaje~

  14. Lola Montes says:

    Buen viaje James! Quizá nos veamos por allá!



  15. Great Scott McBee drawing of you, and love his whimsical paintings/drawings on his web site. He has a great way of working with line and color, when designing his art works. Would have loved seeing a bull running around in the background, of you as a Matador.

  16. DAVID says:



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