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WIJW in Paris

Yes, La Ville De L’amour. And perhaps it shouldn’t surprise you that we are wildly in love – and we want to tell you all about it while the smell of chestnut trees after a gentle Parisian rain still lingers in our minds.

Hotel de Crillon

And where to start….. well, at the incomparable Hotel de Crillon of course! – Built by King Louis XV and first inhabited by The Duke of Aumont (a famous aesthete and patron of the arts – so you see the attraction), the people at the Crillon now maintain its long standing reputation as one of the finest Hotels on the planet – needless to say they were THE consummate hosts to WIJW’s Parisian romp. With dazzling views of La place de Concorde, Le Tour Eifel, Les Tuileries, and the Champs Elysees, and only steps away from the Louvre and the choicest boutiques, it’s easy to say that the Crillon offers the best possible location to launch any Parisian love affair.

Just a taste here in tonight’s installment though, OK?  – we’ll be sharing much more of the Crillon over the next couple of days. (have made two mini-posts below, so have eschewed the usual blog chronology).


  1. Dean says:

    Cher James,

    J’adore the images you have presented ! Tres’ chic you look here.

    I love Paris in the Springtime, when it drizzles…and the Summer, when it sizzles…

    Glad u enjoyed the trip !

    Dean in Florida

  2. Julien says:

    Cher James,

    Je trouve ton site tres interessant. Une vraie source d’inspiration pour dandy moderne.
    Je vis à Paris et serais réellement enchanté de te rencontrer pour te faire decouvrir les hauts lieux de fetes parisiennes.

    See u,


  3. Bruno says:

    The most stylished hotel for the most stylished man! This is a place I love to have a rest or drink at. Happy you enjoyed!

  4. Soren Romer says:

    I must say I envy you right now, James! Paris is an amazing city, especially during spring when people come back out of their shells, and park life flourishes! Please do post your socks off, so the rest of us can get just a pinch of ‘parisienne’ into the everyday routines!

    – Soren Romer

  5. Enjoy darling James!
    …including the heavenly cuisines~
    I’m sure you will…YUM*

  6. James Andrew says:


    I absolutely love Paris in the spring!

  7. James Andrew says:


    I certainly did- stay tuned- will be sharing some highlights



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