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WIJW at The Frick Young Fellows Ball

James Andrew at The Frick Young Fellows Ball - photo by Christine Butler

Conjuring up images of Baron Alexis de Rede’s “Bal Oriental,” The Frick’s Young Fellows’ “Bal de Chinoiserie” was a truly delightful affair, and absolutely one of the highlights of the New York social calender. The exotic soirée brought together a super chic mix of people to celebrate and support the Frick, and in particular, The Frick Art Reference Library and education programs which serve five boroughs of New York public schools.

We’ll be doing a post on this spectacular library in the near future, but in brief, it is one of the world’s most valued art research centers and the most comprehensive resource on the history of collecting and patronage.

So to the ball! Ginger Dragons were the drink of choice, and the perfect counterpoint to a sophisticated array of hors d’oeuvres created by Olivier Cheng. These included: crab salad with ginger and lime on a shrimp chip; tuna tartar with ginger on a taro chip; ginger chicken dumplings; sticky rice and Chinese sausage ‘arancini’ spring roll of duck, green apple and coriander; fermented black bean beef tenderloin ‘lollipops;’ sesame tartlets with fresh soybean salad, and last but not least, shiitake mushroom dumplings!

The Frick Young Fellows Ball

The “Bal de Chinoiserie” theme was influenced by the legendary decorator Elsie de Wolfe, and exotic original murals (which featured dragons, birds, asymmetrical rock formations, court figures, and so forth) helped to set the visual tone for our whimsical evening. Guests were greeted at the entrance hall by masses of fragrant cherry blossoms, and the Garden Court was similarly decorated with cherry blossom filled red urns. A draping of silkscreen toile organza by De Gournay replete with Chinoiserie elements, such as birds and lotus blossoms, undulated overhead and visually connected the theme throughout. An ambient light show further enhanced the spectacle, with gently rustling cherry blossom projections (changing in color throughout the evening) against a dark sky. Bold red medallions of light-filled dragon motifs drew the eye upward along the north wall of the majestic court. The refreshment bars were draped in bold cinnabar-toned fabric and surrounded by beds of red azalea, a flowering plant native to China. Needless to say, the cumulative effect was quite perfectly magical.

I’m dressed in Tom Ford era Gucci, black wool dinner jacket with velvet trim and buttons, tuxedo pants with a satin and gross banding, white cotton pleated tuxedo shirt, silver and black silk micro strip tie and black patent opera pumps, Seaman Schepps black pearl cuff links and my fragrance for such a special evening is Creed Imperial Millesime.


  1. Dean says:

    Dearest James,

    What an evening that must have been! I would have loved to have been sitting next to you on that settee! You look very svelte.


  2. fran says:

    !Exquisito y Majestuoso!

  3. James Andrew says:


    Muchas Gracias!

    Un abrazzo fuerte!


  4. Leo says:

    Very long legs James 🙂

  5. It is one of my favorite places to visit. I like the Tom Ford jacket.

  6. Brian J Cook says:

    James!! How I miss you! Fantastic photo and ensemble, as usual.


  7. robin says:

    IMPECCABLE… you look stunning.

  8. James Andrew says:

    Thank You all for your incredible words and support!



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