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James Andrew, Jungleside in Tulum - photo Scott McBee

James Andrew, Jungleside in Tulum - photo Scott McBee

Yes, it just so happens that I’m listening to the classic tune from Guns and Roses as I write this. However, our title above doesn’t have much to do with the urban sort of jungle Mr. Rose refers to, but rather to the actual jungle—to be more precise, we’re referring to the “jungle side,” as it is called, of the main road that divides Tulum. Here, one finds the majority of the restaurants and shops. It’s a lush contrast to the minimal scape of sand and sea (where most of the hotels are, just across the road), and oh how these wonderfully leafy jungle surrounds make for the most splendid setting in which to dine alfresco!

Off to explore one of the many fine restaurants in Tulum, I’m sporting a Tom Ford brown cotton safari shirt, hot pink cotton voile scarf and brown leather tasseled loafers, Gucci python belt, silk and hemp shorts by Our Legacy, vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch, vintage “parabuntal’ straw hat and my fragrance is Coqui Coqui’s “Floplum,” which is based on the heady frangipani flower (simply beyond perfect for this exotic locale).


  1. Dean says:


    Oh, what a chic look for the jungle! I LOVE this! It’s so over the top in such a New York Tasteful way…did you ever see the cult film called “Frogs” ? This shot reminds me of it. Suddenly, a giant jungle frog grabs you and drags you into the jungle! (It was a swamp in the film, and there was an elegant neoclassic house sitting on the edge of it). Great shot James! I do hope that you enjoyed some delicious frogs legs while in Mexico!


  2. jon k says:

    gorgeous belt, handsome!

  3. James Andrew says:

    Why thank you jon K,

    I love that belt it goes with so many different looks.



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