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James Andrew - Couturier /  Morgan living room

James Andrew – Couturier / Morgan living room

When our exquisite friends, the illustrious designer Robert Couturier and his husband Jeffrey Morgan, invited us to spend a weekend with them at their most sublime home in Kent, we of course jumped at the opportunity. Visiting them in their Connecticut paradise is simply something that one should never ever pass up.

And it probably goes without saying (but we will) that our weekend visit was heavenly — superb company (and we’re including their adorable shih tzus in said company) the natural grounds, exquisite interiors, delicious food — all absolute perfection.

Robert Couturier and beloved shih tzus

Robert Couturier and beloved shih tzus

For your own vicarious getaway, do procure a copy of Robert Couturier: Designing Paradises. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the book really is a must-have — a master class, not only in interior design and architecture, but also in the art of living well.

Detail - Couturier / Morgan interior

Detail – Couturier / Morgan interior

I’m photographed (top) dressed in my own on version of country chic lounging in the Couturier / Morgan living room. I’m sporting a Paul Stuart Scottish cashmere sweater coat, Tom Ford grey cashmere turtleneck sweater, Gucci wool/cotton check pants,Tom Ford era Gucci black suede loafers, vintage Rolex, cashmere silk foulard print scarf from Eric Kipp, and my fragrance is Tom Ford Oud.

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  1. Karena says:

    James, a weekend with Robert and Jeffrey full of wonderful memories! Your attire is perfect for the Autumn casually elegant atmosphere!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Karena,

    It sure was a magical weekend!!!

    They are the most sublime hosts!

    So elegant,warm and kind!

    Much Love


  3. Regina says:

    His interiors evoke for my eyes only, the movie ‘The Age of Innocence’, what Wharton seemed to describe and Scorcese brought in detail. Each piece well placed, nothing by chance. The gardens speak volumes for one can espie the World of Nature thru those wondrous windows so high. Your lucky, but they more so, for in you and yours they have found REAL Souls, a rarity indeed in these chaotic and covetous times.
    As an aside my Divine James…I was with you on the Frick, until I recalled a private tour years ago with the then Director, Charles Ryskamp and myself arranged by my father-in-law who knew him. Upstairs, the rooms are beautiful, but the hallway ceiling a chinois masterpiece. I was able to walk with him in the front and rear gardens, and see the bowling alley. I have loved the Frick for decades, but see the need for an extension…the library is now a fossil in the age of digital, so enhancing it for all too research Is a gift. Losing theat garden which was never meant to last as all gardens are temporal paradise here on earth…it is the way, for nothing remains static nor trapped in amber in the plant kingdom. A garden is meant to grow, this one planted with the seed of hope for monies to expand…two townhouses were destroyed for this garden, they must have been just as beautiful as Mr. Page’s vision at one time in their existence. Let’s look to the Isabella Stewart Gardner expansion…Modern yet somehow beautiful…like a large greenhouse. The Venetian Courtyard remains the Heart of the Palazzo…just like The Fricks Courtyard By John Russell Pope. I am sure in the 1930s, many thought taking Carrere & Hastings vision and Elsie de Wolfe’s finest moments…then demolishing elements of the above…to turn the Home into a Museum…well, I can only imagine. Today, a whole new generation of People come as evidenced by the Vermeer and Goldfinch onslaught…which when I was in NYC, I really hated seeing those special rooms flush with crowds…so I see like a garden, it needs to grow to flourish as meant to the height it should in the World of Museums in this day and age…the Age of Innocence, found only in the rooms of the Frick and Couturier. Perhaps, we will meet on the new terrace overlooking the Park, when done…and a cocktail with a view, and a toast to remembrance of things past! I tell you, walking up the grand staircase was simply too TOO…you will agree once your hand is upon the gilt rail…like it should be.

  4. A few years ago I went to Robert Couturier’s place in Kent through Bunny Williams “Trade Secrets Ct”. Trade Secrets is a fund raiser started by Bunny to help battered women of north-west Connecticut. I had never heard of Mr. Couturier, but after visiting his property, I constantly saw it in magazines for General Electric advertisements (his kitchen had GE products), and his property, both inside and out has been the topic of many article. If you are in Sharon, Ct the Saturday and Sunday after Mother’s Day, check out Trade Secrets, you will love it.

  5. James Andrew says:

    My Darling Regina,

    You are a poet – your exquiste words always bring a smile to my “soul”!

    Thank You!

    I am all for expansion – nothing can remain the same – however there are so many options for the Frick other than destroying the Russell Page garden and the fabulous viewing pavilion.

    You might enjoy this article:


    Much Love and Lots of Light,


  6. Regina says:

    My iPad is dying, I had a response, but it just crashed. I cannot give it up for the ghost of what’s too come with newer Apple products! I read Mr. Fahy’s interview…a certified ENFANT TERRIBLE! Yes, I can see his wincing and rolling eyes shot opened with delight when Page threw the Ladies and Lantana out…never too be seen again. Perhaps Page flew off in a clients private jet to the Agnellis or Mellon estates too gather his wit and composure after the Frick ‘drama’.
    I don’t agree with Fahy on the Morgan. I loved it, and felt like I was within a Greenhouse linked no matter the weather to Morgan’s McKim Mead White masterpiece. I think the same should be done for the Frick, so that it appears at evening like a glowing Conservatory from Central Park enshrining the Monsieur Page’s Garden in situ…what could look more smashing than blooming gardens during a blizzard.
    As I’ve aged, I have seen the Hands of Change sweep over NYC, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and Montecito…most not for the better. It is better to GUIDE the hand than to try and stop the inevitable…as Madonna once said to me ‘CHANGE IS GOOD’…and believe me, none of us like change, especially when age take its toll. Guide mon Cherie, GUIDE. Page stole his vision from the demoslished Thomas Fortune Ryan garden and home on Fifth avenue, a masterpiece that Frick took much from…a jewel replaced by Candela. Look it up.

  7. James Andrew says:

    Thank You Fred Gonsowski,

    I hope I get to explore trade secrets- I adore Bunny!



  8. James Andrew says:

    Darling Regina,

    The world is indeed changing and always will!

    I try and still look for beauty rather than focus on what I am not liking.

    This is a quote that struck me – taken from http://www.treehugger.com

    “Page’s creation at the Frick is an elegant, nuanced work of art that was realized over the space of ten years. … a museum’s designed landscapes should be afforded the same degree of importance and curatorial care as their buildings and other parts of their collection.”

    Their seems to be many options for the Frick to expand/change with out losing the Frick Garden.

    Stay tuned!

    Lots of Love and All Best,


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